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Fitmark Ambassador Elspeth Polt talks about staying positive when dealing with stress

We all have a time where we are faced with stress,  whether it is in our job, at home, mentally or emotionally.  Whatever the situation it’s something that we need to break through and overcome in order to be successful and have a feeling of peace in our lives.   Stress is something that we unfortunately can’t completely avoid, but we can learn how to manage it and find relief through the actions we take to control it.  For me, fitness has been an integral part of my life in finding balance, stress relief, and happiness.  Whether you like yoga, spin, boxing, dance, cross fit, weight lifting, (the list goes on!) there’s just something about getting your body moving that can change your mood for the better.  And even better, using physical activity as a stress releasor is not just mood-enhancing, but healthy as well.

elspeth polt fitmark bags ambassador

Fitmark Ambassador Elspeth Polt

Because, lets face it, Life in general can be pretty stressful sometimes!  The key is  finding what your stressors are, then finding solutions to help you relax. Exercise and physical activity can be a key component in keeping your stress levels down.  Find an activity that motivates and excites you and use that as your personal time to de-stress.  For me, I love the challenge of a new workout or setting new achievement goals to work towards.  By continuing to learn new exercises and pushing myself both physically and mentally, I stay engaged and more motivated, thus decreasing my stress levels. By keeping workouts fresh and consistently updating progress, it is far more likely to stay on track towards finishing my goals.  The consistency and structure are a relief to other everyday stresses.  By the time I’ve finished my workout, I’ve either forgotten what I was stressed about or come up with a number of solutions to address the situation.

So if you’re feeling stressed take a step back and look at your what’s going on in your life. Is your life balanced?  What is causing your stress? What is your stress release? Are your stress releases healthy? Are they enhancing your life in a positive way?  Evaluate and focus on the positive.  Look for the good in your life, and try to incorporate more of what gives you stress relief in order to balance out the stressors.  For me, as a Personal Trainer I sometimes get stressed trying to please everyone, get plans in on time, making sure I’m not running late, keeping the workouts fresh, and certifications up to date….(you know how the pressures of work can weigh on you!)  When I get into that mood I try and take a step back and really think about what my job means to me.  What motivates me as a trainer is the more that I learn the more excited I become about my job: It makes me want to share it with everyone and anyone I can!  Just knowing that I could have inspired just one person makes everything worth it because that one person will inspire at least one other person and so on and so on: its the domino effect of people paying it forward.  How’s that for a little stress relief?? So when you’re feeling stressed take a step back and focus on the POSITIVE in your life.  When you think positively good things come to you.  When you are persistent and work hard towards your goals it pays off and the stress is released.

Work hard, stay positive!  Now go get your sweat on and feel your stress melt away 🙂

Stay fit,
Elspeth Polt
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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