5 tips to foolproof your workout

Fitmark Ambassador Christopher Villa gives some great pointers on stepping up your game in the gym

The gym is your haven. It is your place to escape the grind of the day-to-day, the stress of life, and the annoyances of your co-workers, family and friends.

It’s your sanctuary and therefore under no circumstances should you leave the gym feeling dissatisfied, on edge, or upset because your workout sucked. Nothing happens by accident and consequently, bad workouts happen for a reason.
So instead of wallowing in self-pity thinking about how sub-par your gym session was, sit down and think about everything you did that day leading up to the mother-of-all-let-downs, and remap your game plan for your next session.

christopher villa fitmark ambassador

Fitmark Ambassador Chris Villa

The following is intended to foolproof your workouts, ensuring you walk out of the gym more pumped then when you entered.

Have a Game Plan

If you think you can just walk into a gym, without a plan, goal, or map – think again! A solid workout must have a road map complete with a legend. On this road map you must know what muscle groups you are working, what machines, dumbbells and barbells you need, how long you want to be there, and ultimately why you are there. With these goals in mind, you should have a program drawn out complete with sets and rep ranges. Setting out your goals will keep you focused.

Drop your Baggage at the Door

This is your time now. Not your boss’s, not your partner’s, and not that jerk who just cut you off on the way to the gym. Thinking about your phone bill is not going get you that fourth row of abdominals. In reality, stress may actually make you retain more water, making you lose any abdominals you may already have. So leave the baggage at the gym door. Now is the time to concentrate on one thing and one thing only – your physique.

Get your Rest

If you spent a night of tossing and turning, or simply hit the sack late, it may not be a good day to consider hitting the gym. Without solid rest, you cannot expect your mind and body to perform like a Spartan. Further, pumping yourself full of caffeine and similar substitutions is not the answer to all of life’s problems. My advice is to take a pre-workout power nap, or even take the day off. If your mind and body aren’t feeling it, then sorry to say it – neither are you. A day off (God forbid) will not kill you, and it may even inspire you to work out twice as hard the next day.

Fuel your System

You can’t expect your diesel-like system to run on empty. Make sure your nutrition is top-notch, before and after your workout. Not only will this supply your body with the energy it needs to perform, but your mind will be at ease and ready to focus on every rep and set. Based on your own personal caloric intake, prepare your body with a complete protein, a complex carbohydrate, and a good fat at least one hour before your work out.
Supplement your workout to enhance your performance help with muscular recovery and growth. No training session is complete without a pre-workout supplement  specifically designed to help you maintain a solid pump and a keen focus to drive you through the toughest workouts. With a complete complex of essential amino acids, A good pre is guaranteed to prepare you for your workout by increasing mental focus, blood circulation, and nitrogen delivery.  Its inclusion of all three BCAAs ensures proper and efficient recovery and repair.

Fine-Tune your Mood

Create a playlist of your favorite songs that you know will get you pumped and ready for action. Your best bet is to compile a playlist specifically for the gym or even for each muscle group, and switch it up often.

Stay fit,
Christopher Villa
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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