Finding Your Passion

Fitmark Ambassador Trinity Perkins asks a few questions to get you thinking about your true passion Too many people spend too much of their precious time doing things they cannot wait to stop doing. As cliché as it sounds, life … Read Post

The Lark Life

Lark notes itself as: a consumer electronics company that makes wearable wellness monitors. We take a holistic approach to developing our products that includes innovative hardware, intuitive software and expert-backed content. Our mission is to improve what matters most to people in … Read Post


Fitmark Ambassador Allison Pease shares a few simple guidelines to help manage nervous tenancies  Nervousness. Anticipation. Excitability. I feel an overwhelming rush of all these emotions as I count down the days to an interview that may determine the fate … Read Post

The Digit Fight

Fitmark Ambassador Ashley McTucker encourages you to stop the battle with the number on the scale I’ve been there. I’ve spun circles over the fact that the scale said one thing but I felt something different. I didn’t feel what … Read Post

Addressing Stress

Fitmark Ambassador Melissa Creal shares a few tips on how to address the stress factor with simplicity Something that everyone encounters at one or more points in their life is stress. How we react to this feeling can either benefit … Read Post