Reach For Your Dreams

Fitmark Ambassador Stephanie Zoccatelli shares how persistence in what you dream to achieve will get you there In March of last year I had recently discovered about a mud run called “Tough Mudder”, it’s a 10-12 mile run with 20-25 … Read Post


Fitmark Ambassador Aubree Marchione explains her top 5 beneficial reasons flexibility should be incorporated into your fitness routine As a dancer, flexibility is one of the most crucial things for my body and career. How many times have you seen a … Read Post

Quality is the Key

Fitmark CEO, Mark A. Samuel, talks quality in both product and service I recently read a great piece on fashion brand, J.Crew, in Fast Company magazine. In short, the write up talked about the success of the company and the … Read Post

Put Your Time In

Fitmark Ambassador Nick Friedrichsen shares how hard work and persistence will pay off if you’re consistent  Patience for results is something that is learned; not necessarily given. This is one thing I have learned comes with maturity not necessarily age. … Read Post

Environmental Fitness

Fitmark Ambassador Mathew Freeman shares how taking your training outdoors are beneficial, fun and good for a change Studies show that natural sunlight is good for both the mind and the body. The creation of vitamin D from the sun’s … Read Post

SmartFitty Smartwatch

Smartfitty notes itself as: a new type of watch that blends fitness tracking with smart features like email and text messages                   Basically, this ultimate stop watch works to improve your health 24/7 and … Read Post

Lead By Example

Fitmark Ambassador Laura Fine explains how easy it can be to make a positive impact on children Fitness is for everyone! That’s what everyone is saying right? As a mom of a busy toddler I know that it’s my responsibility … Read Post

Less Is More

Fitmark Ambassador Fred Suniga shares how taking your training down a few notches could be the answer to better results We’ve all seen those in the gym that come in and do a lackluster workout with only a few sets, … Read Post