Fitness Sky Hook

Fitmark Ambassador Mathew Freeman shares how to use a skill everyone has developed for the best defense to bounce back to put you back in the zone

We are all here at this page because we have grown to adore the opportunity to get healthy in new and exciting ways. That journey has looked different for every one of us. That journey is still being written. It changes and morphs sometimes on a monthly, daily or hourly basis. We too have the days that have us thinking in our head, “man this is simply not the day.” However, we have developed something in our arsenal that is indefensible on our quest for health and wellness. We have developed the skill to shoot the ‘Fitness Sky Hook’.

Fitmark Ambassador Mathew Freeman

Fitmark Ambassador Mathew Freeman

A little history for those of you who do not know what a “shy hook” is. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, one of the NBA’s 50 greatest all time players, had a signature move. This move was the sky hook and has been described in the following manner by an article on, “His left leg is straight, the right knee comes up, the left arm extends out, the right arm rises up with the ball and finally the wrist flicks to add the backspin, the seams rotating as the ball arcs to the hoop and drops through the net.” I am certain that you can visualize this shot but that is really not the point. The point is that the shot was virtually impossible to block. There was no defense for this move.

As we continue our journey in the world of health and wellness many defenders come along and try to block our momentum. They try to defense the path we are taking. They scrutinize your style because it is not the same as the ones they have seen but it doesn’t matter. It is our signature journey. We have taken the collective sum of knowledge and combined that with a determination and consistency that even the best defenders cannot slow down. There are the shots that we take and miss from time to time but overall we have developed the fitness sky hook. When nothing seems to be working and we are missing every shot we are taking we can go back to this move. Life can feel like it is turning upside down on us and we simply need to pull out our sky hook to right the situation. To stop the slump we take our signature shot. We take the shot that cannot be blocked by anyone else.

For many of you the “sky hook” may be going for a run, for others it may be hitting a heavy leg day, CrossFit workout, chest and back, yoga, Zumba, a mud run, bike ride or a number of other items. This is the move that puts us back in the zone. The sky hook is the move that clears all the distractions and resets the focus so that we may stay in the game. If you ever feel like your motivation is slipping or the nay sayers seem to be ruffling your feathers my advice would be to “shoot the hook.” Don’t let others block your momentum or slow down your game. It is your journey and it only takes one shot to be back on FIRE!

Stay fit,
Mathew Freeman
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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