Exercising While On Vacation

Fitmark Ambassador Christi Rouse-Deloach shares routines and ideas to take on vacation and gives you fun ideas to share with your family while away

So you’ve put in the hours in the gym and sweated like a beast to fit into that swimsuit or that favorite pair of shorts. Now, it’s time for vacation! How are you going to keep your fitness routine alive while you are away from home for that amazing vacation? Perhaps it’s a trip to the beach, a cruise, a destination trip or a trip to your parents’ house across the country. Your exercise regimen doesn’t have to go on vacation too! There are many ways to stay active and still have time for vacation fun!

Before you leave town search the Internet for information about your destination. Search for community centers that offer classes, gyms that offer free passes for vacationers, hotels that have a fitness center and parks that offer jogging trails. If you are going on a cruise, read up on the activities offered aboard the ship. Most cruise lines offer a fitness room or classes aboard the ship.

Fitmark Ambassador Christi Rouse-Deloach

Fitmark Ambassador Christi Rouse-Deloach










Fitness DVD’s
We all have that favorite fitness DVD that is just sitting on the shelf covered in dust waiting to be used again. Grab it and pack in your bag. Plan the time needed to complete the DVD into your schedule. Work up a sweat and get your workout in quickly. Maybe even before anyone else is awake. If you at the beach or another outside adventure vacation check the weather report and plan to use the DVD if rain is expected or if temperatures climb too high for comfortable outdoor exercise.

Pack Your Suitcase for Fitness
There’s always a little extra room in your suitcase, especially for a jump rope and a resistance band. Take those with you, along with a written out plan of how you plan to include them into your workout. If have children coming along on vacation, you could even include a fun jump rope game with them. What a great way to burn calories!

Adventure Time
Many destinations may offer kayak, canoe or bike rentals. Why not take advantage of this and add a little adventure to your vacation. Kayaking and canoeing are awesome arm workouts. You will likely also find some great scenery along the way. Biking is a great leg and cardio workout. If other family members or friends rent bikes with you perhaps you can talk them into a friendly race to get that heart pumping.

Go on a Hike
If you are near hiking trails on your vacation then pack up that backpack and head off on the trail. Research the trail first so you will know the specifics, especially the length and difficulty level of the trail. For instance my husband and I were recently on our 10th anniversary get away and discovered that the Appalachian Trail was close by. So we got our things together, threw on our tennis shoes on and headed up the trial. It was a beautiful view at the top. This hike was a great cardio workout!

Exercise with Family
Perhaps you are staying with family and just don’t want to inconvenience them with your workout plans. Then try to sneak in an after dinner walk or a bike ride with willing family members. Maybe you could take a family trip to a community pool. Everyone could have fun while you swim laps.

Find ways to fit fitness in during your vacation. No one wants to leave vacation with tight shorts or that sluggish feeling that we get when we don’t keep up our daily routine.

Stay fit,
Christi Rouse-Deloach
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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