Focus On Yourself

Fitmark Ambassador Bobby Graves encourages you to really take time to focus on what you need to accomplish for yourself when it comes to your health goals

One of the most frustrating things when starting to get fit is you tend to pay more attention to other people and their progress. You know the old saying about running the race but not staying in your own lane, kinda stuff. It’s hard to not pay attention with all the social media and how easy it is to post a pic write a quick blip and be gone. The old “hey I look like this in 30 days or I lost (X amount) of weight in such and such days”.

Fitmark Ambassador Bobby Graves

Fitmark Ambassador Bobby Graves


But FINALLY I heard some words that rang extremely true.. This FIT picture of a guy who was all ripped and in the type of shape we all dream of, with a brief quick statement .. it simply said. “I work My ASS off everyday consistently to achieve what I want”!! Boom A just real perspective. Some do lose or get fit faster but bottom line is, people are all different and we change at different paces don’t get discouraged by others race and hang in for the long haul.



Stay fit,
Bobby Graves
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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