What’s In Ashley’s Bag

Let’s take a look at what Ashley submitted to us and check out what she carries in her Fitmark bag

We see: Fitmark Dashing Tote, SIGG water bottle, Cypher tanning lotion (#nicetan), Soul by Ludacris ear buds, Versa Gripps (go heavy or go home), Fat Gripz, Fat calipers (keepin’ the body fat in check), gym towels, EOS chap stick and hand lotion, hair brush, Natty Nutrition Slin Trol (direct glucose right into the muscle tissue), BCBG MaxAzria perfume (smellin’ good on the go), Juicy shades, deodorant and a set of keys.

Ashley from Northern California

Ashley from Northern California

Thanks for the submission Ashley! We love checkin’ out your bag and all the cool stuff in it.

If you want to submit a photo of your Fitmark bag and all the stuff you carry in it, and possibly be featured on our facebook and blog pages, please email a photo in the same format as the picture attached and send to: amctucker@fitmarkbags.com. 

Stay fit,
The Fitmark Team

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