Motivation For Thought

Fitmark Ambassador Jamie Lynn Graham encourages you to envision yourself as the best version possible to be your motivation for staying healthy and fit

When we set goals for ourselves we often have people that we look to for motivation. When it comes to fitness it seems that social media, Instagram and Facebook especially, have taken “fitspo” (*thats short for fitsporation) and dozens of other acronyms that are used daily in hashtags, as motivation for their followers to play a whole new ballgame! Add a couple filters to your “selfie” photos and put a motivational saying across the top and BOOM you could have a couple thousand followers within a few days. YOU could be the one motivating others to wake up earlier to go to the gym, or to add an extra plate to the squat rack. Fitness motivation is big business and you just never know who you might be inspiring with your pictures.

Fitmark Ambassador Jamie Lynn Graham

Fitmark Ambassador Jamie Lynn Graham

When I think of someone that motivates me I do not think of one specific person. I think of the idea of the best me possible, and how am I going to reach that goal. Could my journey inspire others to be the best and most fit by the end of 2013? Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey. Everyday we grow and learn how to become better, whether that be in the gym or in our personal lives. Each experience we take with us can only benefit and help us grow. When I got pregnant with our first little girl in October 2010 I was nervous to continue to lift weights and run, so I backed off a lot. I gained 30lbs and after I had her I was determined to get back into my skinny jeans by New Years, and I did!

With our second I was much more comfortable in the gym and going for light jogs, but I still was cautious, I had our son in January 2012 and set a goal for myself to compete in a triathlon that was set for the first week in June. I finished it and it was such a proud and exhilarating moment. My mom competed with me, at 56 years young, and we both finished! That was a huge accomplishment for both of us! We competed together in two other events that summer and she continues to compete in duathlons. Goes to show you are only as old as you feel.

With our last baby I worked out and stayed active until the night before I had her in April 2013. With each pregnancy I felt more and more comfortable staying active, lifting, and doing moderate exercise, and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life! I have now been prepping for my first bikini competition for 3 months and I have never felt more energized! Motivation can come in all forms, whether it be through social media or the gal on the treadmill next to you. We all have the drive and the desire to do better. As fitness enthusiasts I feel that more often than not we have that competitive edge.

Be the best you, look to yourself for motivation and before long you will be the one inspiring others. Aspire to inspire. It’s simple motivation for thought.

Stay fit,
Jamie Lynn Graham
Fitmark Ambassador 2013

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