Happy Holidays From Fitmark

From all of us at Fitmark, may your Holiday season be joyous, merry and bright! Stay fit, The Fitmark Team Follow Fitmark Bags on Facebook and Pinterest. An Exclusive Brand of Sport, Fitness and Work Bags for Fitness Enthusiasts

What’s In Courtney’s Bag

Let’s take a look at what Courtney submitted to us and check out what she carries in her Fitmark bag We see: Fitmark Sport Tote, Kill Cliff, Rock Tape, (great for muscle strains) Knee Sleeves, RX Jump Rope (keepin’ the heart healthy), WOD Gear Wrist Wraps, Stronger RX … Read Post

Beat the Holiday Bulge

Fitmark Ambassador Janet Fougere shares some simple tips you can apply that will help you beat the known excessive holiday weight gain The Holiday goodie season is well underway. Co-workers bring are constantly bringing treats and you try desperately to … Read Post

Just Do It

Fitmark Ambassador Megan Hanson shares her first half marathon experience and encourages you to just get out and do something you’ve always wanted to do Heart pounding… nerves at their max… that was me when I ran my first ever … Read Post