Dolgopolov Stuns Nadal in Indian Well Match

This past Monday, Alexandr Dolgopolov defeated the unstoppable Rafeal Nadal at Indian Wells Tennis Gardan in California. To say Dolgopolov’s win was shocking would be an understatement, yet with his recent style of play it didn’t seem so far fetched. Taking on an aggressive, or attacking, strategy, Dolgopolov showed an insane disregard for the Nadal’s intimidating talent that’s so known throughout the tennis world. Filled with furious rallies, Dolgopolov at points looked as though he was handing the match over on a silver plate to Nadal. Yet uncharacteristically, Nadal failed to keep pace, continuing to fumble his chances to win. Talk about playing with “reckless abandonment,” and being successful at it.

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Since the 2011 Australian Open, and being in the Top 20 for two years, Dolgopolov has gotten back to his best shape. With a uniquely aggressive style, the Ukrainian has found it hard to find the perfect coach. Dolgopolov says that throughout his career the only two people he’s felt comfortable working with were his established tour coach, who taught him the game, and his father. “I think it’s not for people to understand some different game.  Some people have their view on tennis, and if they coach someone, they try to make him play like they want,” says Dolgopolov. At least he has great “parental guidance”.

We always here the Cinderella story of small teams celebrating one great victory, yet Dolgopolov proved he is no underdog. He has shown the tennis world that he can master the combination of an overly aggressive yet successful style of play. Dolgopolov not only beat the greatest, but proved that he can compete with the greatist, consistently. He may not be a Grand Slam champion, or even a top 20 performer, but with such exceptional, and radical talent, Alexandr Dolgopolov Fits the Mark!

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