Benefits of Primitive Eating

We’re taking a look at why primitive eating has become so vastly popular and why it can help you maintain total health, all while still providing the energy your body needs on a daily basis. Whether you’re just interested in changing your eating habits to become healthier, or you have a goal to gain muscle or lose fat, we truly believe primal eating can be one of the benchmarks to your success.

Primitive meal

Primitive meal

Mark Sisson, author of Mark’s Daily Apple and his popular book, The Primal Blueprint, is a series of videos, images, blogs and guides to teach you how to begin eating primal. While most people have become extremely aware of how processed foods, especially carbohydrates, can damage the body’s interior, the solution has become to limit or completely remove all processed carbohydrates and focus mainly on proteins and healthy fats, with a little bit of natural carbohydrates thrown in.

Mark Sisson concludes “In fact, according to some anthropologists, our ancestors only consumed about 80 g of carbohydrates per day, largely because sources of carbohydrates – such as grains, beans and potatoes – are toxic in raw form.”

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