A Great Workout Leaves No Room for a Bad Day

We totally get it. You wake up and all of a sudden, it’s Monday! Ahhhh! Right? Usually the first thing you want to do is throw your annoying alarm across the room. Well, according to research, and popular idea, working out before your day really gets going is the best way to turn a bad day into a great day! First of all, it gets your blood going, boosts your metabolism, helps you burn unwanted calories and raises your endorphins. You know, those ‘feel good’ hormones we all have but sometimes choose to ignore?! Those! Get them rockin’ early in the morning and your day will have no room for Negative Nancy or Bossy Bill. Want a better day today? Go workout! We encourage you to have an amazing Monday!

Tiffany Gaston

Tiffany Gaston

Stay fit,
The Fitmark Team

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