Fun Facts About Fitmark Athlete Mary Beth Ellis

We decided to have some fun with Hump Day! We like to have a lot of fun, and maybe act a little nuts, otherwise it’s just a bunch of Wednesdays thrown together. Here is a bit of fun facts about Fitmark athlete and Triathlete Mary Beth Ellis! We asked, she answered; here’s how she rolls!

Q. You get the chance to train anyone in your family only one time. Who would it be and what would you have them do?

A. I’d love to get my brother out riding a race bike. I think he would love it once he got a chance. So I’d get my brother fitted on a Cervelo P3 and take him out on a long ride.  I think he’d fall in love with the speed.

Q. You get to the airport and can buy tickets to anyplace in the world, where would it be? 3, 2, 1… GO!

Fitmark Athlete Mary Beth Ellis

Fitmark Athlete Mary Beth Ellis

A. I have been so many amazing places from Norway to Portugal to South Africa to New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Switzerland…. One place I have never been and would love visit is Iceland.  

Q. What’s the last song you played on your ipod? If it’s Prince you’re on the score board for +10!

A. I am obsessed with Miike Snow and love their song “Animal”.

Q. How many days a week are you game to train?

A. We train every day with a mix of swim, bike, run, and conditioning.

Q. It’s a rest day. Take advantage or what is a rest day?

A. I seldom get a rest day so when I do I try to use it to rest as much as possible. If I can I try to spend as much of the day resting or lying down as possible.  

Q. Pool side, water park, beach fun? Yes please! Or, I don’t have time to tan.

A. I love to go the beach and hang out in the ocean surfing and swimming. The beaches in Australia are amazing as are those in Hawaii; I have been very lucky to visit many great spots.  

Q. T-shirt and Jeans or Gym clothes… all day everyday. Even going out.

A. I love to dress up for special occasions, but most days I am too tired to put in the efforts to it’s mostly casual gym gear or jeans.  

Q. You have the choice of any cheat meal on the planet, but can only have it one time for the rest of your life. What would it be?

A. My tastes change all the time so I don’t really have one cheat meal.  But right now, I love going out for sushi if I could do that every night I would. I try to eat well 80% of the time and then let myself indulge 20% of the time so that I don’t need to cheat per-say but can enjoy my favorites in moderation.

Q. You have the chance to be an all star at any sport in the world. What sport would you choose?

A. I’d love to be a world class runner on the track.  If I had my choice, I would be able to run a 10K and 5K as fast as Dibaba.  

Q. Do you even lift? 

A. I have a strength and conditioning program focused on muscle coordination and range of motion. Our program is designed to optimize performance for a four to eight hour race involved three disciplines.

You rock Mary Beth! Thanks for sharing a few fun facts with us and all your fans!

Stay fit,
The Fitmark Team

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