‘Nerds’ Gym’ Interviews Fitmark’s CEO Mark Samuel

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means – we’re halfway through the week! On that note, we like to have a lot fun and maybe act a little weird, otherwise it’s just a bunch of Wednesdays thrown together! Nerds’ Gym visited us at the Olympia this year to get the scoop on Fitmark during an interview with CEO Mark Samuel:

Fitmark CEO Mark Samuel

Fitmark CEO Mark Samuel

“I’m a fan of everybody. I don’t even look at them as necessarily competitors. I’d say that for me as an entrepreneur and in the business that I operate, I really focus on what we’re doing. What would possibly separate us is that this is only one category for us. Bodybuilding is one category. We make backpacks, totes, messengers, meal managements but also have sports specific bags. No matter where we go we want to say, ‘Hey! We’re a bag manufacturer in the sport and fitness arena. We do high quality functional bags and we want to cater to everybody.’ We don’t want someone to see our product and say, ‘Hey, that’s not me.” We want everyone to say, ‘that’s not only me, but that’s a bag I want to carry.’” Read more of the interview here!

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