Neal Maddox Takes On The CrossFit Regionals

In just one week, the CrossFit California Regionals will open in San Diego and Fitmark Bags will be there supporting our athletes and ambassadors, like Neal Maddox.


Known as one of the top CrossFit competitors in the world, Neal Maddox said in an interview back in 2013 that it was his final year for competing in CrossFit as an individual. But here we are at the 2015 CrossFit Regionals and Neal is still very much in the race, finishing in the second spot for Northern California in the Open.

Could it be a change in his training since the 2012 CrossFit Games that has given Neal the competitive edge this year? After finishing 20th overall in 2012, Neal knew it was time for a fresh approach to his training:

It really comes down to peaking at the right time. Sometimes I think athletes peak at wrong times. What I need to figure out, and I’m working on, is to try to peak at the Games as opposed to doing really well at the Open and doing really well at the Regionals.

If you look at my numbers, my numbers don’t lie. I performed at the Open (6th) and at the Regionals (2nd in NorCal Regionals and 4th overall). But it’s about peaking at the right time and not being overworked.

What people don’t realize is that from February to July, you put in so much work and so much effort. But sometimes if you put in too much work you can burn yourself out, and when you burn yourself that’s when you’re on the backend ~ The RX Review

That was back in 2012. When we caught up to Neal just recently, he was preparing for the CrossFit Open 2015 and it was apparent he had taken a different approach to his training:

The Open lasts for five weeks and there’s one workout a week. I do it one time and that’s it. This prepares me for the Regionals, where you only get one shot. I train to qualify for the Games. I don’t let the Open workouts take away from what I’m doing on a regular basis or what I’m doing for the Regionals. Some people do the same moves over and over again, but that won’t get me to my ultimate goal. That’s not how I train. I make sure I do the best I can in the Open to qualify for the Regionals. That’s my goal.

Taking his training to another level has indeed paid off this year for Neal. Early predictions have him pegged as the favorite to win.

And what does it take to fuel an athlete like Neal Maddox? Let’s take a look inside his meal management bag, the Fitmark Shield.



I pretty much carry around my Fitmark bag everywhere I go with all my meals in it to fuel me throughout the day – proteins, veggies etc. ~ PressPassLA

The CrossFit California Regionals begin March 22 at the Del Mar Arena in Del Mar, CA. We’ll be there cheering on Neal Maddox and interviewing a bunch of CrossFit competitors and giving away free bags. We hope to see you there.

Stay Fit,
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