Neal Maddox Advances to the CrossFit Games

Neal Maddox, for the sixth year in a row, is going to the CrossFit Games! The one goal on his mind, to secure a spot on the podium: “Six for six, baby!”


When you watch Maddox perform, there’s an intense look of focus on his face, a precision in his movements and a consistency in his rhythm. This is what comes of experience and knowing that consistency, focus and sticking to the game plan is the way to the top.

The second week of Regionals worldwide was a record-breaking weekend. Event after event, Maddox maintained his spot in the top five, with the highlight being a 282-lb snatch. With a final finish in second position, it was an impressive victory for our friend, Neal.

We caught up with Neal at the Regionals to ask him how he does it.

“It has taken me six years to get to where I’m at,” and “I’ve been very fortunate to have a lot of great people in my life, you know, Dave Newman, RX, Doug Chapman, Hyperfit, I mean, I can’t say one person because everybody has had some type of influence on my life. The list goes on.”

Neal is known to his friends as Machine Maddox – “I carry that name from when I was in high school.” Probably because of his perseverance and the fact that he never gives up. Since a very young age, Neal has faced some debilitating circumstances in his life, but he has never once quit or given up. Steady progress, discipline and hard work have landed him where he is today.

When we asked Neal what advice he could share with fitness fans just getting into the sport of CrossFit, he said,

“My whole thing is GOP: Gradual Overload Principle. Gradually build yourself into the sport. Don’t just jump into the sport. A lot of people don’t realize that I’ve been doing this for years. So people will see me doing this and all of a sudden they go to the volume or the loading that I do. It takes time. It has taken me six years to get to where I am. So I say, Gradual Overload Principle. Take your time and you’ll get to where you want to be.”

Consistency is something that Maddox applies to his nutrition too, particularly leading up to the Games. He says, “The biggest thing is that I just stay consistent with what I’m eating. I always carry around my Fitmark bag. It has my protein supplements and all my food in it, so it’s perfect.”


The Shield is the bag that #MachineMaddox carries and sometimes, if you catch him at the right time, he may even have a stash of donuts in there! Congratulations, Neal!

See you at the Games!

Stay Fit,
The Fitmark Team



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