CrossFit Games 2015: What’s In Store?

With the official kick-off of the CrossFit Games 2015 tomorrow in Carson, California, we asked some of our top Fitmark Ambassadors to weigh in on the kind of competition Dave Castro has in store for CrossFit competitors this year.

Neal Maddox with Fitmark Shield Neal Maddox | Xtreme Athletics: This is a tough one! I think Dave Castro will throw in some dirty versions of the Girls like he does every year. Or maybe a version of Murph with muscle-ups and and HSPUs instead of the pull-ups and squats.

Neal Maddox sports Fitmark’s Shield Meal Management System


Sarah Hopping with Fitmark Transporter Backpack Sarah Hopping Estrella | Arena Ready: I hope he puts in an obstacle course!

Sarah Hopping Estrella sports the Fitmark Transporter Backpack


Dan Krueger Spartan Fitmark Max Rep PackDan Krueger | Spartan Race: I hate to speculate on what that evil genius has in store, but whatever it is – it will be brutal!

Dan Krueger sports the Fitmark Max Rep Transition Pack


Diane Fu FuBarbell Fitmark Velocity Backpack Diane Fu | FuBarbell: I want Dave to throw in an obstacle course… something like a Spartan Race meets Ninja Warrior with some CrossFit Games-style flair! That would be the ultimate melting pot of fun.

Diane Fu sports the Fitmark Velocity Backpack


Photo by @tomoore Steve Hoover | Team Terminus: Every year Dave Castro and Rogue come up with some crazy new equipment designed to force the teams to work together. We have seen Big Bob, The Worm, The Pig, The Swim Sled. I am really looking forward to the mystery element this year. I am going out on a limb this year and predicting some kind of paddling (boat/raft) in the ocean for the teams. I think it would be a good test of communication, strategy and team work. Whatever it is… Team Terminus will be ready!

Steve Hoover and Team Terminus sport the Fitmark Power Duffel


Rocklin CrossFit Fitmark Power DuffelNoelle Adams | Rocklin CrossFit: I think he’s going to throw in more crazy gymnastics moves like never before. Things like max free-standing handstand holds or deficit free-standing handstand push-ups or maybe even muscle-ups into ring HSPUs, but before this he’ll have a max lift like at the Regionals or make them do a 2-mile farmer carry first!

Noelle Adams and Rocklin CrossFit sport the Fitmark Power Duffel


Well, there you have it! Our friends┬áhave spoken! We can’t wait to see how the competition shapes us this year. Fitmark will be there soaking up all the action, giving away free goodies and showcasing our exclusive line of sports and fitness bags. Make sure you stop by and give us a holler!

Good luck to all the amazing athletes competing! Let the Games begin…!


The Fitmark Team



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