Fitmark Gives Back To The Community

One of the reasons why we work so hard at Fitmark is so we can give back to our community. This has been our mandate since day one. So far we’ve donated thousands of bags in our 1 For 100 Program to the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA).



Last week, we visited the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco where we met a couple hundred awesome kids, and the amazing people who run the summer and after school programs.

Boys and Girls Club Fitmark Charity

You should’ve seen the smiles on their faces when we handed each child a Fitmark junior backpack. It was pretty special. The people who work at these clubs and run the programs are pretty amazing too – real leaders in the community.

Fitmark Giving Back BGCSF

If you ever get the chance, swing by the clubhouse and meet the amazing people who make it all happen. Maybe even offer an hour or two of your time, if you can. The reward is immeasurable.

This is just one location we’ll visit this summer with boxes and boxes full of bags for these phenomenal kids.

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