What Does A Raiderette Keep In Her Gym Bag?

In case you hadn’t heard, custom bags are one of our specialties. We’ve crafted some pretty sick bags for a lot of great companies along the way, and it just keeps getting better.

Veteran Raiderette, Alyssa snaps into style with the Athletic Tote

Recently, we received a call from the Oakland Raiders asking for 45 custom bags for the Raiderettes. We knew right away that the perfect bag for Football’s Fabulous Females would be the Athletic Tote, so we got to work and made a special delivery.

As luck would have it, our friend and former Raiderette, Nicole Rodrigues accompanied Fitmark CEO, Mark Samuel to the Oakland Raiders‘ headquarters in California to hand deliver these special sports totes. This gave us the opportunity to ask Nicole a few questions about being a former NFL dancer for the Oakland Raiders.

Having one of these totes would have made a world of a difference. The bag I had as a Raiderette was good. Don’t get me wrong. But the bags we had were HUGE “gym bags” that were bulky and not very stylish. I was able to carry my things around from point A to B, but it certainly wasn’t as cute as the Fitmark bags the girls are using now. Also, all the pockets and separate bag for shoes/Raiderette boots would have really come in handy. So happy the girls have a massive upgrade in the style and functionality departments with their new bags.

If you’re wondering what essentials a Raiderette keeps in her gym bag, Nicole told us:

Our Poms (AKA Pom Poms), our Raiderette Boots or sneakers (one pair we wear and the other we will carry, depending on where we are or where we’re going), makeup and a change of clothes, depending on whatever event we’re going to.

To be a cheerleader at the NFL level you need to be in phenomenal shape. Not only are there rehearsals, but also gym time and cardio training. We asked Nicole about her favorite exercise:

I used to love stretching the most. Working out is always great and we were always in the gym because staying in shape as a professional cheerleader is mandatory. However, it’s the stretching that really helps when we have to do kicks, leaps, turns, etc. So whether we’re at rehearsals or at the gym, stretching before and after was always the best to help keep us from getting injured.


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