Shawn Ramirez Defends His Masters Title

What can we tell you about our friend Shawn Ramirez? So many things to love about this guy. For one, he’s an outstanding athlete and the winner of this year’s CrossFit Masters (40-44).

Shawn Ramirez CrossFit Masters Winner

For another, he’s a great role model. He currently spends a great deal of his time inspiring kids to get outside, get active and have some fun. Or as he puts it: “Get active again like we did in the 80s!”

Shawn was always active as a kid and enjoyed the physical agility of gymnastics. At the collegiate level, he wrestled in the Holy Lightweight division at 126 pounds. It was this passion for fitness that led him to study Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine.


When he’s training for the Masters, he’s full on 7 days a week, including 2 active rest days. This is what a typical training week looks like:

Shawn The Ram Fitmark AmbassadorShaw Ramirez Masters Training Routine

  • 2 – 4 hours
  • GPP workouts
  • Gross Strength
  • Gross Conditioning
  • Gymnastics
  • Skill Work

2 Active Rest Days

  • 10k Row
  • 1-mile Swim

He told us that it was not until 2010 that he discovered CrossFit:

“I was actually looking for something new for my wife to try out. She was getting tired of bootcamps and spinning classes. I stumbled upon a CrossFit facility and jumped into a WOD that put me on my A**!!! And I’ve been hooked ever since!”

This is the second year that Shawn has won the CrossFit Masters Competition. We asked him what it was like defending his title:

“This year had added pressure, hype and expectation tied to it that made this year’s victory that much more emotional and exciting.”

Watching the whole event from the stands, Shawn’s family and friends began to “sweat bullets” when Shawn “started with a slow and torturous 1st event coming in 12th place.” He said,

 “That’s when I had to grind, fight and battle to get back on top. This made me appreciate the Win that much more.”


What advice can you give CrossFit athletes moving from the Games to the Masters?

“I don’t know about advice, but what I can say is, moving from the Games and the heavy volume, weights & workload, to the Masters division enables your body to be tested, but also allows adequate time for it to be rested.  These old bones and joints appreciate this and that was the biggest relief I had from competing 3 years at Regionals and last 2 at the Games.”

Thanks again for talking to us, Shawn, and for taking the time to stop by the Fitmark Booth during the Masters Competition. You made our associate, Alex’s day! What do you think of that meal management bag? Dope or what?

Shawn Ramirez Fitmark Booth CrossFit Games

“The quality is incredible! The designers thought of everything to fit everyone’s lifestyle. I love the motivational quotes inside the bags. It’s the little things that make the BIG difference….Keep Inspiring!”

Tune in again when we talk to Shawn about his diet and nutrition program.

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