On The Road With Frankie Edgar

They call him the Champ because it’s only a matter of time before our friend Frankie Edgar reclaims his belt; but he’s not waiting around. Frankie never stops. The UFC Featherweight says he trains “6 days a week, twice a day.”

Frankie Edgar Fitmark Athlete

“Normally I spend 5-6 hours training each day. I try to find a balance between pushing myself and listening to my body and giving it rest when it needs it,” Frankie Edgar, Fitmark Ambassador

That’s an intense training schedule. It must be tough sticking to a routine like that when you’re on the road:

“Sometimes training on the road can be tough, but no matter where you go you can always get a workout in. Whether it be hitting pads, rolling, hitting the hotel gym, or just running, pushups, and other bodyweight exercises, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay in shape.”

Frankie works with some of the best coaches in the biz. There’s his wrestling coach, Steve Rivera, his Jiu Jitsu coach, Ricardo Almeida, and his boxing coach, Mark Henry – just to name a few. Some of them will even travel and train with him on the road.

One of Frankie’s top strengths is his cardio, which is tested during his strength and conditioning training with Coach Brian Blue. If you want to get a taste of Frankie’s workout routine, check out Gaspari’s 155 Reasons – The Frankie Edgar Series – unbelievable!

When we asked Frankie about his diet on the road and how he maintains his weight with such an intense training schedule, he said:

“I try to eat clean. I avoid processed foods and try to mainly eat organic food. I don’t really count calories. Due to all my training I need to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Being on the road makes nutrition a little tougher. You just have to have some discipline and avoid the easy but unhealthy choices and eat at quality restaurants or hit up a grocery store.”

Though he’s never away from home for too long, Frankie misses his wife’s home cooking:

“My wife usually has food ready for me when I get home from training. I try to be at home as much as possible so I can be with my family and train. I have to go places for the UFC, appearances for sponsors, and cornering teammates, so I travel sporadically.”

For someone who is always on the go, we knew the Transporter Backpack would be one Fitmark Bag that would suit Frankie’s lifestyle.

Frankie Edgar Transporter

“It’s a really cool bag. I like the way it looks but more importantly it is functional. It really suits what I do.”

Thanks for speaking with us, Frankie. We’ll catch up with you next time in New Jersey when we talk about family and fitness.

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– “It’s a really cool bag,” Frankie Edgar, Fitmark Ambassador



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