Just In Time For Back To School: Fitmark Junior Backpacks for 100s of Great Kids

Back to school can be a busy and exciting time for most kids. It’s the time of year when mom and dad head to the store and replenish all those exciting things that kids need – cool colorful pens, crisp notepads and trendy pencil cases. But best of all is the back-to-school backpacks.

Fitmark Giving Back Program

But what if you’re not fortunate enough to enjoy the fever of back-to-school shopping? What if your back to school budget is limited?

That’s where Fitmark Founder and CEO, Mark Samuel steps in. He’s on a mission to stop by several Boys and Girls Club across America, just in time for back to school, delivering bags with this message:

This bag was crafted for you, and you deserve it.
Work hard in school. Have fun playing sports.
And go after your dreams!

Fitmark BGC Oakland Giving Back

Last week Mark and the Fitmark Team dropped off a few hundred junior backpacks at the Boys & Girls Club in Oakland, California. It’s all part of the Fitmark 1 for 100 Program, where we donate a bag for every $100 sold through the website, and we get to spend some time with the kids:

“It’s pretty special to be a part of,” says CEO Mark Samuel. “What’s even more special are the men and women operating these summer and after school programs. Real leaders in the community. If you ever get the chance, swing by and meet a few. Even offer an hour or two of your time if you can.”

Fitmark Back To School Program

Having fun at the Anna Marie Whalen Branch of the Boys & Girls Club, Oakland, California, this happy girl can’t wait to tear into her Fitmark Backpack – “You should see the smile on their faces!” Taking it all in from above is the little man himself, BEO Mason Samuel with Fitmark’s Nader Parvin.

Hanging out with the kids is the most rewarding part of all. Here is Alex from The Fitmark Team – always busy building something new!

“The reward is beyond measurable,” Mark Samuel.

So, where will Mark and The Fitmark Team find themselves next time? Did someone say, Disneyland? More on that event on an upcoming post. 🙂


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