Top 10 Meal Prep Tips For A Fit Over Skinny Diet

As a “passionate advocate of the daily commitment to health and fitness,” Fitmark Ambassador Kandace Hudspeth told us she’s a “lifelong fitness enthusiast and competitor.” She believes in the principle of fit over skinny, and has created a “60-minute high intensity class” called #ConditioningwKandace.

Never missing a workout, Kandace is up early and at the gym before anyone else is out of bed: She says, “Achieving your fitness goals requires good old-fashioned HARD WORK!”

True to form, Kandace takes her nutrition as seriously as she does her workout regimen. Every Sunday is meal prep day. She says, “The only way I stay on track is planning ahead!” Having her Fitmark Shield at the ready, Kandace prepares enough meals “for a full week,” choosing to make the “1st and 6th meal at home each day.”

Using “my FitMark Meal Containers” to portion it out, it’s all ready to go in the morning.Fitmark-Blog-MealContainers-01


With a busy work schedule at as the VP Marketing, Kandace’s day is non-stop. It’s not uncommon for her to work a solid 14-hour day before heading back home. Without taking the time to meal prep, which she now has down to an hour every Sunday, her nutrition plan would fall to pieces and so would her fitness goals:

“The recipe to success is simply proper nutrition, weight training, cardio and most importantly CONSISTENCY!”

For most people, working out is the fun part of getting in shape. The hardest part is the nutrition side. Kandace says, “There’s no secret or magic pill.” When it comes to sticking to your fitness goals, you need to keep it simple. Kandace Hudspeth

“I stick to basic simple meals Monday through Friday and have more creative options on the weekends. I am of the mindset that food is fuel during the week, so I’m eating for that purpose.”

Sticking to a diet might work for some, but like us, Kandace doesn’t “want to be fussing with daily tracking, etc.” She says, “I create a plan and do my best to stick to that.” Kandace recommends following these top 10 meal prep tips:

Fit Over Skinny Diet Guidelines

  1. Feed your body to keep your metabolism burning, eat small meals every 3 hours (5-6 meals a day)
  2. Watch your portion size, evenly distribute your calories across each of your meals
  3. Eat real food (not out of a bag, can, jar, etc) Avoid processed foods as much as possible
  4. Include lean protein in every meal (chicken breast, fish, and lean turkey). If you love red meat have it once a week. If you don’t eat meat choose black beans, nuts, or hemp seeds (leafy greens also have protein).
  5. Include veggies in every meal. Leafy green veggies are free foods, eat as much as you want.
  6. Include complex carbs early in the day or around your training times (brown rice, sweet potato, oats)
  7. Avoid sugar. Keep your daily count under 30 grams (read labels everything has sugar)
  8. Don’t drink your calories. Avoid soda, sugary drinks, and alcohol
  9. Drink lots of water at least 4L a day
  10. What you put in your mouth affects your mind and body. Think about this before you eat.

Fitmark Diet and Meal Management Bags


Making time for prepping your meals ahead of time is as important to the success of your fitness goals as it is sticking to your workout routine. So follow these top 10 guidelines, eat clean and stay consistent!

“We all have the same amount of time each day, and we make time for what we value. So ask yourself if you really want to change, and dig deep to find the reason why. Use this as your motivation and the reason to make the time each day.” Fitmark Ambassador, Kandace Hudspeth

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