Pack Up Your School Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile

Can you remember the first day back at school? Those first-day jitters that made you shake with excitement and anxiety all at once? Taking the worry out of going back to school is all about being prepared. So we got together with the Boys & Girls Club in Detroit, Michigan, and donated about 500 tote bags and backpacks.

BGC MI Fitmark Giving Back

“Because of your generosity over 500 boys & girls are ready for school.”

There’s something special about having a bag, a place to store everything. In some ways, it’s a mark of prestige. It makes you feel good. Now you can go back to school and walk through those doors with your head held high, as if to say, “I’m prepared! I’m ready for this school year. I’m going to kill it! Look, I got all my supplies right here in my brand new bag!”

Fitmark 1 for 100 Program BGC Detroit

Close to 500 of our bags were donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan this past weekend at a fun event, where the kids enjoyed ice cream, funfair activities and running around just being kids.

“Blue Cross / Blue Shield joined in and stuffed every bag with school supplies,” Vinny Borello, who runs the club, told us.

BGC Michigan Fitmark Bags

“These children come from families that have very little. 85% are from single parent homes where the mothers are barely able to keep a roof over their heads. This gift was an answer to their prayers. One mother was in tears as she told me that she was afraid that her children wouldn’t be ready for school.

Needless to say your bags were a huge hit,” Vincent F. Borello, Jr., Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Boys & Girls Club Southeastern Michigan

BGC Southeastern Michigan Fitmark Charity

“I can’t tell you how excited our kids were to get a tote bag or backpack. In addition we partnered with Henry Ford Health Care who brought their mobile health van. Over 160 children got school health physicals.”

We can’t wait until next year where we plan on doubling the bags donated and hanging with all the great kids!

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