3X 212 Olympia Showdown: Something Flextraordinary Is Taking Shape

In a private state-of-the-art gym, behind locked doors in an undisclosed area of Florida, something Flextraordinary is taking shape! Fitmark Ambassador, Flex Lewis, the undisputed 212 Champion, is taking nothing for granted. He’s determined to defend his title at this year’s Mr Olympia, and “leave behind a legacy.”

Flex Lewis Fitmark Ambassador 212 Champ

Photo courtesy of Flex Magazine

I’m bringing a bigger and better Flex Lewis for you and the fans to every show – Flex Lewis, Fitmark Ambassador


It’s been a while now since Flex Lewis first met his training mentor, Neil Hill (shown here above). “We met at my first show,” Flex told us. That was in Wales, where they both hail from.

“Neil is a great coach, a great friend, we have a good relationship on and off stage; we’re there for each other.”

Since the two got together in 2003, they’ve been winning trophies. Neil introduced Flex to his extraordinary Yoda 3 Training or Y3T – a nine-week program that is said to produce gains that are almost “extraterrestrial in nature!” The secret to this program lies in its three principles:

  1. Injury prevention
  2. Muscle gains
  3. Weight loss

Each micro-cycle is split into three weeks and is designed to target different muscle fibers. A lot of focus is placed on working the muscle through the contraction, squeezing, pausing, and using time under tension to allow the muscle to benefit from the full range of motion. This helps with fullness and that 3D look that is so sought after in bodybuilding. With Y3T, no part of the muscle is neglected.

Flex Lewis Fitmark Ambassador Bags

On the road or at home, Flex Lewis is never without his Fitmark bags


The beauty of this program is that anybody can follow it:

“Neil’s system isn’t just for competitive bodybuilders. Anyone can expect improved body composition, performance increases and substantial muscle growth with a reduced risk of injury.”

Neil Hill’s Yoda 3 Training

Week 1 – Lift Heavy – Compound Exercises

  • Rep ranges between 6 and 8 – explosive lifts.
  • Work every contraction of the muscle and squeeze as you’re moving through the rep. This will give you the most benefit from your training and the greatest muscle gains.

Week 2 – Moderate Weight – Compound and Isolation Exercises

  • Rep ranges between 14 and 18
  • The number of reps increases, and the number of working sets decreases slightly, so you don’t run the risk of over-training.

Week 3 – Lighter Weight – Higher Intensity

  • Rep ranges between 20 and 100
  • Increased reps result in increased heart rate. Your body starts burning fat for energy, and your cardio system gets a workout. In addition, the increased blood flow to the muscles means a richer food supply and quicker rate of recovery.

By the time the beginning of micro-cycle #2 rolls around, your body will have had sufficient recovery time so you can increase your weight and lift heavy again. At the end of the 9-week program, there is a complete 5-7 day break from training! Unheard of in most weight-lifting circles. But believe it or not, that’s the secret weapon! Y3T’s main goal is the long-term effect of over-training and avoiding injury. It’s not about ego lifting. So take a break and remember, your body grows outside of the gym.

Flex Lewis Fitmark Shield

Last seen video footage of Flex Lewis + Shield before lockdown

For Fitmark Ambassador, Flex Lewis, this is the “battle-tested system” that has made him a three-time champion. He told us:

“To step on stage as a professional and win for the first time is an amazing feeling. It’s an amazing treat and it took several months to sink in. I’ve defended the title three times. No words can describe that feeling, and I want to defend it again even more so now.”

We have no doubt that’s how it going to go down. What is it that Flex says, “Believe to achieve!”

“My belief in myself and my abilities is what leads me to achieve. Nothing was handed to me I worked for it. My goal has always been to leave a legacy behind me. My new vlog series shows YOU, the fans, insight into how I push inside the gym and how I stay motivated through Aff4mation.”

Good luck, Flex! Everyone here at Fitmark will be watching. And for the fans, we’ll have all your post-Olympia wrap-up right here on the blog, so stay tuned for that.

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