10 Questions, 10 Bags, 10 Winners!

We get a lot of great questions, and as you know, we like to answer those questions with a little gift as a way of saying, Thank you for your interest. That’s why we created the hashtag #askfitmark to make it easy and fun for you to ask your questions.

This time we’re giving away 10 bags to 10 winners, which means Mark has 10 answers for you. Check it out!

Here are those questions again:

  1. Which fitmark bag would you recommend for a nursing student with two part-time jobs who is always on the go?
  2. Could you do some in-depth videos for each bag?
  3. Do you make bags that look like purses?
  4. What’s the best way to clean your bags?
  5. I’m a teacher and need lots of food for the day, but don’t want a huge bag. What bag is best for me?
  6. Do your bags come with a warranty or guarantee?
  7. What is the best bag for an active college student who spends the majority of their day away from residence?
  8. What is Fitmark’s best-seller?
  9. Are your bags as amazing as they seem?
  10. Mark, what’s your favourite part of owning a business in the fitness industry?

You could be a winner too! It’s easy! Simply tweet or post your question on Instagram or Facebook to @fitmarkbags with the hashtag #askfitmark for your chance to win a new bag.

And don’t forget to tune into Periscope @fitmarkbags September 18 and 19 for another chance to win.

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3 Responses to 10 Questions, 10 Bags, 10 Winners!

  1. I need a really deep bag but light weight and water-proof. which is best? #‎askfitmark‬

  2. do you make bags to fit a power chair? it is a motorized wheel chair #askfitmark

  3. Which bag allows your meals to stay the freshest when your hotel doesn’t have a fridge?!?

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