Top Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast On Your List

You know you’ll never be forgiven if you don’t get the fitness enthusiast on your list something cool, athletic and sporty this year. So we checked in with our fit-fabulous Fitmark Ambassadors to get the skinny on the hottest gift items this holiday season.

Lais Deleon Fitmark Ambassador Gift IdeasIt just so happens, that our good friend, Fitness Professional Lais De Leon has some great gift ideas and is having her own 12 days of Christmas giveaway on Instagram. This week she’s given away a lot of cool stuff, including this Gym In A Bag from B-Force Bands. Here’s what she says:

Y’all know I love my home workouts! These B-Force mini loop bands, and slider discs have really come in handy with my busy schedule.

You can follow Lais De Leon on Instagram @laisdeleon for you chance to win. Rumor has it, she’s giving away a Fitmark bag next.

Holly Barker Fitmark Ambassador Gift Ideas

Holly Barker, who co-owns with her husband Anytime Fitness in Regina, Canada, also has her own #fitgirlgiftguide happening on Instagram. Here are a few of her favorite gift ideas:

Pink Nikes – you can never have too many sneakers! FlipBelt (shown here) – for the adventurer this is a must-have. Workout leggings rarely have pockets that allow you to move. The FlipBelt let’s you pack up and head out for any adventure! Fitmark Shield – never ever ever leave home without a meal in your #nicebag! Pack up your Fitmark bag for success!!

You can find more gift ideas from Holly on Instagram @hollsbarksfitness.

Karey Northington Fitmark Ambassador gift ideas

Karey Northington of Northington Fitness and Nutrition knows that when you’re lifting heavy weights in the gym, you need a fast and secure way to change weights and cut down on slippage. Here’s what she suggests:

Rogue HG Collars! Because fit friends don’t let fit friends struggle with crappy clips at the gym! Perfect stocking stuffers!

And so affordable, you can share the wealth with every one of your friends!

Before we move onto the next number one gift idea, we’d like to take a moment to insert a little disclaimer here. That is to say, we were pleasantly surprised by how many of our ambassadors put their Fitmark bag at the top of their gift-giving list.

Amber Orton Fitmark Ambassador gift ideas

Amber Orton Fokken from ADO Fitness often finds herself on the road or on a plane traveling to her next photo shoot or fitness engagement. She’s never without her Fitmark meal management bag. It’s on the top of her gift list because, she says:

It gives people a reason to make there own food and bring it with them! You can cut weight, not to mention sodium and preservatives in your diet, simply by cooking more of your own food. So I think this would be the best thing to give someone to use, along with motivating them to food prep.

What can we say? Our ambassadors love our products! But Amber’s husband, a true romantic at heart, has another take on gift-giving.

Brandan Fokken Fitmark Ambassdor gift ideas

Our good friend Brandan Fokken of Fokken Strong Training (who was recently on the cover of Iron Man Magazine) has a surprise for his wife this year that will sweep her off her feet. (Hope we’re not giving anything away). He says:

I try to get gifts that bring memories. This year for Christmas, I got my wife a trip to New York for New Year’s, because although material things are great, the memories we will create there will last a lifetime.

We like the sounds of that! Brandan and Amber spend a lot of time traveling and have some great tips for eating healthy on the road. Click here to check it out!

Sarah Hopping Transporter Duffel

For Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit Champion, Sarah Hopping Estrella of Arena Ready in San Francisco, finding the right equipment makes all the difference to her performance. The number one gift on top of her list this year is an RPM Speed Rope. She says:

They have lots of cool colors now, and it’s awesome to have a fast jump rope that is tailored to your exact height.

Sarah is an amazing athlete, someone who is used to breaking records like she did this year at the CrossFit Regionals when she set the record for a 192-lb snatch. Remarkable, considering she dislocated a rib “midway through the Open this year!”

Sherica Holmon Fitmark Ambassador gift ideas

Sherica Holmon of Soul Sister Fit in New York likes to “begin with sweat and determination, and end with peaceful tranquility!” A master at HIIT/Yoga Fusion, Sherica says,

My number one fitness gift idea is The Shield. Living in New York and always being on the go calls for a solid meal prep bag! The Shield is an essential and very helpful gift idea to help us all stay on track with our clean eating when we are running around all day!

Sherica and her fit-business partner are bridging the gap between hardcore workouts and mindful practice. They were kind enough to share one of their HIIT/Yoga Fusion workouts with us. Click here and check it out!

Fit Mom Diet Fitmark Ambassadors

Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty of Fit Mom Diet have a few favorite ideas on their gift list this year (other than “The Box by Fitmark, of course!”) Their number one gift idea this year is their new “Love Your Body long sleeve flowy top (and the Fitbit.)”

We love that message: Love Your Body. It’s a great philosophy to follow, especially for busy moms battling with post-baby weight. The Fit Mom Diet is an online community dedicated to helping “educate, support and inspire moms to make positive changes in their life.” 

Kandace Hudspeth Fitmark Ambassador gift ideasKandace Hudspeth, VP of Marketing at, recently received this lovely gift from Fit Style. A beautiful necklace to share with your swole mate with the inscription: “Alone we are strong, but together we are unstoppable.” Perfect as everyday jewelry that can be worn through the toughest sweat session.

Kandace has a great philosophy. She believes in fit over skinny and is a “passionate advocate of the daily commitment to health and fitness.” She is the queen of meal prep and has shared some of her winning ideas on the Fitmark Blog. Click here to check out her secrets for Meal Prep Under An Hour.

Our good friend Neal Maddox of CrossFit X-Treme Athletics in San Jose, California, is a big fan of Rock Tape mobility gear. As a 6X CrossFit Athlete, he appreciates good quality products that enhance performance and recovery like kinesiology tape, RockBalls and RockNRollers. In a recent interview, Neal told us:

Injuries are a part of any sport whether you’re playing football or baseball or basketball, injuries can occur. I work with mobility training, see a chiropractor and get regular massages. It’s like getting a tune-up for your car. You have to keep your body maintained.

You can read the full interview here: The Inside Track With CrossFitter Neal Maddox.

bitesizedfitness Fitmark Ambassador gift ideas

Alyse told us in a recent interview about her fitness journey through college, battling the first-year weight gain and getting back on track. She is now a “field-based medical expert for a large pharmaceutical company,” as well as the owner of BiteSizedFitness, which specializes in simple workouts and nutrition plans. This year on her healthy gift-giving list, she’s:

Giving one of my friends The Box along with my meal prep and healthy dessert ebook so she can start living a healthier life in 2016!

You can get a taste of one of her healthy meal plans here: Taking A Bite Out Of Life.

Jenna Dillard Fitmark Ambassador gift ideasFitness enthusiast, nursing student and busy mom of two boys, Jenna Dillard stays in shape with a combination of weight lifting, calisthenics and yoga. She recently shared with us her favorite yoga poses for strength and focus. Here she is in the Scorpion Pose, which, she told us, is one of her all-time favorite poses:

This is the ultimate challenge of strength, flexibility and balance all coming together. This is the hardest pose for me currently which is why I love it so much. You cannot muscle your way through this pose, it takes time to develop the flexibility to open your spine and chest, but without strength you cannot hold yourself up to create the balance needed.

On top of her gift-giving list this year is a foam roller, because, she says:

Rolling out after working out is one of the best habits to get into. It’s not always the most comfortable experience but definitely worth it! 

Nichelle Laus Fitmark Ambassador gift ideasNichelle Laus co-owns the Optimum Training Center in Toronto, Canada, with her husband, the successful fitness photographer, Dave Laus. Before Dave and Nichelle started working in the fitness industry, they were both law enforcement officers. Dave credits his wife, Nichelle, for motivating him to hang up his police uniform and take up his camera and turn pro. His photos have appeared on the cover of Inside Fitness MagazineOptiMYz and many more.

Before Nichelle started competing in 2005, she was training and competing at the amateur level in boxing and kickboxing. She has worked with the Edmonton Oilers Octane cheerleaders and appeared in several Nike TV commercials. She told us in a recent interview on The Art of Balancing Life, Family and Fitness that:

With 4 kids under the age of 9 we run on structure. Routine and time management is a priority for us.

So it’s no surprise that meal prep and staying in shape are number one priorities for this power couple. The number one gift on Nichelle’s list this year is:

Of course I would recommend a new Fitmark bag! For the gym rat, the Power Duffel Bag is perfect! It has lots of room, it’s stylish, and is extremely practical! If you were looking for a great meal management bag, I would definitely recommend the Shield LG. Lots of room for all your extras, stylish, and extremely durable. 

Ana Delia Fitmark Ambassador gift ideas

Fitness professional and sponsored athlete, Ana Delia of Ana D Fitness is the cover model on this month’s Muscle & Fitness Hers. We thought a fitness magazine subscription would make a great gift for the fitness enthusiast on your list, but Ana D is all about giving thanks this year. She says:

I’m thankful to all my Fam, Friends and Followers for their love and support. You all help me want to be better every day. I thank God for my health, all the good and bad in my life because it has made me the person I am today.

We’d like to thank all of our amazing ambassadors, and of course, our loyal customers and fans who have made this year one to remember.

From everyone at Fitmark, we wish you and your families the very best of the Holiday Season.

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