Finding The Right Fit: An Athlete’s Perspective

Fitmark Ambassador Nathalia Santoro, a native Brazilian living in NYC, is an all-around athlete with a different approach to training. We last caught up with her during her off-season, and spoke about her fitness goals. Finding the right balance in everything, she told us, in your training, your nutrition, and your attitude. It’s all about finding the right fit and what works best for you.

NathaliaBagsFind your balance, enjoy the process, enjoy your family and stay healthy ~ Fitmark Ambassador Nathalia Santoro.

The Attitude of an Athlete

Nathalia has the attitude and motivation of an athlete. She believes in pushing herself to the limits in order to reach the next level. For her, this means trying different sports and finding new ways to train.

Back in Brazil, she played soccer for Team Nike Womens, and developed a love for running and competing in Track and Field. Nathalia is a true athlete with a passion for everything. She also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is currently studying Jiu-Jitsu at Renzo Gracie. But it’s her love of weight lifting that brings her to New York City to purse her professional career as a Pro Athlete:

My passion for the past three years is bodybuilding. I fell in love with this sport, because choosing this lifestyle, trying to achieve your best, is a challenge every single day – like nothing else. I’m in America and I love it!

What’s her secret?

It’s all about discipline and being consistent every hour of your day.

The Training Program

Every day Nathalia hits the gym for a killer workout. “Kill the gym!” she says:

I hit the gym every day, but I also do cardio, like running and CrossFit. Yes I know, I’m a bodybuilder, and bodybuilding and CrossFit don’t work together very well. But like I used to say, I’m an athlete; I do whatever it takes to bring me to the next level.

In her off-season, Nathalia focuses on building muscle mass, which requires a strict nutrition program, supplemented with aminos, vitamins and minerals. She told us:

My vitamins and supplements are very important to my day, but my routine changes every time I have a new goal. My regular day, when I’m not in my off-season, looks something like this:


  • Chromium Picolinate – helps maintain healthy blood sugars
  • GABA – muscle tone and relaxation
  • Green Tea Pills – antioxidant, fat-burning, mental alertness
  • Calcium – heart and muscle function, bones and teeth
  • Vitamins C – antioxidant, cardiovascular health
  • Vitamin D – bones and muscle health
  • Vitamin E – promotes physical endurance and helps in post-exercise recovery
  • Flaxseed Oil – Omega-3 fatty acid, heart health
  • Cinnamon Pills – antioxidant and fat-burner
  • Caffeine – fat burner, diuretic and pre-workout

When you train like an athlete every day, getting your nutrition down and timing your meals correctly means all the difference to your performance and recovery. Nathalia says,

I usually take my morning shake before I hit the gym early in the morning. During my workout, I’ll have BCAAs, l-lysine, beta alanine and glutamine all from my sponsor, Infinite Labs.

A Balanced Approach to Nutrition

When Nathalia isn’t building muscle during the off-season, she’s leaning out in preparation for her next competition. She’s learned a lot of things along the way about dieting and fueling the body. She told us:

One of the things I discovered after dieting for so many years is: BALANCE! You have to have it! You have to find YOUR balance! I can’t tell you guys what you should or shouldn’t do, because everybody trains and lives with different goals and routines. But doing crazy diets, sticking to calories, or eating everything in sight, because championship prep is over is the biggest mistake most people make, and so did I. So, I learn how to use food to improve my routine, not to satisfy my hunger.

Having the right bag has certainly helped Nathalia stay on track with her meal prep and fitness routine. When we asked her what she liked about her bags, she said:

EVERYTHING!!!! Are you nuts? The quality and design are just the best! And I love the fact that I can have the best bags on the market and I share with my friends and fans without feeling guilty or uncomfortable when they ask me how much they cost. You guys are very honest with the prices and I see this as a big support for all athletes, and very motivating for those who are looking forward to jumping into a new healthy lifestyle. I’m lucky to have your support.

It’s all about finding the right fit, finding balance and enjoying every minute of the sports you love.

You can find Nathalia on Facebook and Instagram @nathaliasantoro #nathtreta

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