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When it comes to personal training and helping people achieve their fitness goals, the Internet has opened up doors for fitness professionals, like Fitmark Ambassador Raymond Querido. Known as The Online Coach, Raymond has taken the Internet by storm and has had a positive influence on hundreds of people all across the world.

Fitmark Ambassador Raymond Querido

I love the fact that I can reach and help so many people worldwide. It is my true passion and I am blessed to be able do it on the daily ~ Fitmark Ambassador Raymond Querido

The Road to Online Coaching

Like most personal trainers, Raymond’s career started off working at different gyms. But, as many of you know, it’s a tough grind and Raymond found that “the time invested was not worth the money.” After a quick detour working for his father in insurance, he was able to amass quite a following on social media and started helping people online. He says, “It started growing pretty quick.” So he decided to dedicate his time to this online venture and created The Online Coach. He told us:

During all the competing, I have slowly made a name for myself on social media with my brand, The Online Coach.

Now he has a following of 134K on Instagram, and more than 130K on YouTube. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat @theonlinecoach.

As a kid, Raymond was an avid basketball player, and is a big LeBron James fan. It was during his training for basketball that he took to the gym for agility training and to perfect his vertical jump.

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Strength Training

After hitting the weights, he began to notice a shift in his strength and performance. He liked the changes in his body, so he decided to spend more time in the gym. This eventually brought him to the stage. He told us:

I competed for the first time back in 2009 in bodybuilding. Stayed in bodybuilding for a couple years and then switched over to the men’s physique division when it came out. Did that for about 2 years. I decided to take a break at that time to focus more on business. In 2012, I decided to get back on stage with a natural drug tested organization called, INBA/PNBA. I ended up earning my pro card in my first season. I have done a couple pro shows the past couple years.

As a natural fitness competitor, Raymond has found combining powerlifting with weight lifting has really upped his game. He says:

Powerlifting is a great way to increase strength, which is a big part of increasing muscle. Strength is a great indicator of increasing muscle. If you’re getting stronger and moving more weight then your body has no choice but to grow.

Healthy Approach to Nutrition

Raymond’s approach to fitness is a healthy one. He believes in flexible dieting, also know as counting macros. After three years of eating the same thing – chicken, tilapia, rice, and broccoli – he grew tired of his diet and always questioned how healthy it was to eat the same thing every day, six times a day. He told us:

I am all about balance and living life without torturing yourself. I teach clients how to count macros (flexible dieting) and how to apply balance to their nutrition and training.

Raymond knows how to enjoy his food, which is refreshing to see. He often talks about his diet online. His family is totally on board with this kind of flexible dieting too, and his wife – @mrs.theonlinecoach – often shares her delicious macro-friendly recipes online. We asked Raymond for one of his favorite dessert recipes:

My go-to dessert that is macro friendly is a pint of Arctic Zero and a Protein Cookie Co. chocolate chip cookie to make a great homemade pizookie.

Raymond now has his own gym in Temecula, California, called The Campus Gym, that he started in 2012. If you follow him online, you’ll see how cool it is. He posts photos and video every day, and there’s always something cool to check out. Plus, it’s no secret how much he loves his shoes! A different pair every day…whut!

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Top 3 Favorite Exercises for Abs, Chest and Back

We asked him for his top three favorite exercises for abs, chest, and back:

Favorite ab movement would have to be just a good, old hanging leg raise with some weight. Chest is the simple bench press or dumbbell press, and for the back, the seated row. When it comes to training, I like to keep it very simple.

With flexible dieting and a simple approach to training, Raymond finds it easy to stay on track and stick to his fitness goals. Of course, having the right gym bag also helps. He told us:

Fitmark keeps me stylish when it comes to my traveling and daily needs.

Raymond’s favorite Fitmark bags are the Class Backpack and the Power Duffel.

You can find Raymond Querido online at, and be sure to check out his Instagram page @theonlinecoach.

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