Shaping The Mind To Transform The Body

Nobody likes to hear the words, “you’re overweight” – especially from your doctor. But sometimes it’s the kind of wake-up call we need to get us motivated. For Fitmark Ambassador Nicole Wong, it was these very words that sparked the beginning of her fitness journey.

I began my fitness journey only a few years ago, after learning from the doctor that I was overweight.

Getting in shape is always more fun with a partner, and Nicole wasted no time in recruiting her brother as her chaperone around the gym. She told us:

I worked with my brother on losing the weight and becoming comfortable with my way around the gym.

Share Your Fitness Journey Online

Losing weight, getting in shape, and transforming your body are contagious pursuits that we love to share with others online – because it’s inspiring, exciting and makes us feel like a million bucks! It’s also one of the most motivating things you can do, and a great way to chart your progress. With the support of her online army, there was no stopping Nicole! She told us:

It’s so crazy for me to receive messages from strangers around the world who have found my story inspirational and helpful to their journey. I love being able to inspire others!

Bitten by the Fitness Bug

It didn’t take Nicole long before she was bitten by the fitness bug. She excelled well past her weight loss goal and pushed herself to the next level, and is now a Natty Figure Competitor. After losing the weight, she said,

I began working with Amber Fokken on a 12-week nutrition and training plan, and now she’s my prep coach! ADO Fitness and Fokken Strong Training  my competition fam! 🙂

Nicole is currently training for her next competition. She says, “I really love bro foods, I’ll be honest! Give me some grilled chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli and I’ll be a happy chick!”

Balance: the most important part of a fitness journey

It’s not all hard work and dieting though. Nicole’s approach to fitness and her philosophy towards achieving success is this:

I believe the most important part of a fitness journey is BALANCE. Totally changing your lifestyle and not being able to enjoy yourself every now and then is not fun or desirable to me!

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Nicole’s Top 3 Favorite Exercises

  1. Dumbbell lateral raises
  2. Leg press
  3. Single cable lat pulldowns

With a little planning and a lot of support from her fitness community, Nicole achieved her weight loss and fitness goals. Not only that, she had fun doing it and inspired others along the way. She said:

Do what makes YOU happy and it won’t ever feel like work 🙂

Nicole’s Top 3 Fitness Tips

  1. Stay focused, don’t lose sight of your goal.
  2. Look for inspiration, it is EVERYWHERE.
  3. Focus on proper form before you go heavy!

nicole wong ftiness

Enjoying a lovely weekend in NYC with @3djose. Thank you @fitmarkbags for always keeping me in line with my goals #nicebag #fitmarkambassador

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Nicole’s Favorite Fitmark Bags

With a winning attitude like this, we knew Nicole would make a great ambassador for Fitmark. We asked her what she loves most about her bags:

I bring my fitmark bags EVERYWHERE I go! Work, gym, outings. It is so easy to prep my meals and be assured they will stay cold. Plus, the bags are super stylish and cute, I don’t feel like I am carrying a cooler around.

You can find Nicole on Instagram at nicolewongfitness.

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