Meal Prep On The Go

When your busy, active lifestyle has you flying off in five different directions, a little meal prep can go a long way. For Fitmark Ambassador Shannon Michelle meal prep is the answer to keeping on track and fueled throughout the day.

Shannon Meal Prep On The Go

Fitmark Ambassador: Shannon Michelle
Lifestyle: Health and Fitness Blogger, Lifestyle Model & Commercial Actress, Fitness Meetup Leader, Marketing Professional
Favorite Fitmark Bags: the Shield

I am all about promoting a balanced lifestyle through smart food choices and daily exercise.

Shannon’s fitness journey began after her mother experienced a health scare. Driven by the desire to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle so she could help her mother and others too. She told us:

After seeing my mom struggle, I wanted to become more knowledgeable about health and fitness, not only to help her in her journey but to also help others in my community to live a healthier lifestyle. It was from that point I started to educate myself about nutrition, and I began incorporating a consistent fitness and healthy eating plan into my daily routine.

Shannon dedicated herself to learning all she could and now is co-lead of a fitness meetup group in the San Francisco Bay area. Online, she’s inspiring others to make smart choices by sharing meal prep tips, fab photos and fun workouts. She told us:

I love helping others. Whether it be helping to educate someone about the benefits of clean eating or encouraging my friends to accomplish their fitness goals.

Shannon wears many hats in her professional career. As a marketing professional by day and a model and commercial actress, her days are packed full every day. She said:

Life for me has been a bit crazy between my office job (I work at an architecture firm), workout schedule, and photoshoots (I work part time as a lifestyle model/commercial actress in SF). Most of the time, I’m running late for something, don’t have time for food, and end up eating unhealthy snacks or not eating at all, only to leave myself eating one big meal a day. This is HORRIBLE considering it’s bad for your metabolism to starve your body or to eat all at once. My solution? Meal prep the night before!

Shannon Snack Prep

Recently, Shannon blogged about her first attempt at meal prep with the help of her handy Fitmark Bag, the Shield. Before Shannon got her Fitmark Shield meal prep bag, she said she “was always hesitant to pack food to go” for fear of it getting spoiled in the car, especially in the hot California sun. But with the Shield and its two nifty ice packs and insulated interior, you’re guaranteed 8 hours of cool, fresh food. She says:

This was my first attempt at “meal prep” for a whole day of snacks for on the go. I had a business lunch planned for the day, so I didn’t need lunch, but at least my breakfast and snacks were planned so I could avoid stopping by a fast food place when I get hungry!

shannon shield packed

For breakfast I packed some rolled oats, which was easy to make at the office by adding some water. Topped with a few strawberries, and it was good to go! I had a lot of driving to do, so the nicely boxed little snacks were convenient to eat in the car while on the go.

Now Shannon is completely hooked on meal prep and shares all kinds of recipes and ideas with her online followers. It’s all part of her commitment to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She told us:

I highly recommend the Shield by Fitmark. The great thing about this bag is that my snacks are accessible from the top AND the side, perfect since I have been driving a lot lately!

You can read the whole blog on shannon’s website @ and follow shannon on instagram @caligirlgetsfit


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