Fitness Tips To Keep You Keen

We caught up with some of our fab Fitmark Ambassadors to get the insider report on the best fit tips in the business! To kick us off Pamela Jean Noble of MMA fame talks to us about a few tricks she’s learned for keeping fit.

Fitmark Ambassador Pamela Jean NobleFitmark Ambassador: Pamela Jean Noble
Lifestyle: Actress, Model, MMA Ring Card Girl, Fitness Competitor, Black Belt TKD
Fitmark Bags: the Shield LG

Pamela has always had a deep respect for the MMA athletes she’s worked with in the ring and on the red carpet. Through her own practice and training, she’s earned herself a black belt in Taekwondo and continues to study MMA. With a degree in kinesiology, she has some excellent tips for other fitness enthusiasts. Check it out:

Pamela Jean Noble’s Top 3 Fit Tips

  1. Try drinking black coffee before fasted cardio it will act as a natural thermogenic.
  2. If you are having a sweet tooth drink some BCAA’s it helps curb your craving!
  3. Lastly don’t stress out if you happen to eat something not on your diet. The more you stress the more cortisol you will release. Tomorrows a new day and no one is perfect!

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Fitmark Ambassador Brittany Reilly Shield Meal Prep

Fitmark Ambassador: Brittany Reill
Lifestyle: Training & Nutrition Coach, Fitness Competitor, Professional Photographer
Fitmark Bags: the ShieldSport Duffel

It took a lot of convincing until Brittany started lifting weights, but her husband was persistent enough and the transformation has been amazing. She’s now competing and coaching others to reach their goals. She says she has “met the most genuine people in the industry,” and she enjoys enjoys “meeting like-minded people.” But most of all, she’s grateful that she gets to share this great lifestyle with her husband. She told us:

Talking about something that is a huge passion of mine with another person who understands exactly what I am talking about is amazing.

Brittany Reilly’s Top 3 Fitness Tips

  1. Meal prep (I make things in bulk twice a week so I always have food ready to eat so when I am hungry I am not tempted to go off plan)
  2. Make time for the gym (even if it’s early or late)
  3. Take progress pictures! Sometimes you forget how far you have come till you get to look back at pictures!

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Ambassador Joelle Samantha Envoy BackpackFitmark Ambassador: Joelle Samantha
Lifestyle: High School Teacher, Strength and Nutrition Coach
Fitmark Bags: Envoy Backpack

When we caught up with Fitmark Ambassador Joelle Samantha last time, she was telling us about an amazing opportunity she was offered upon completing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. With a double major in Health Education & Physical Education already under her belt, she was “offered a job that served as the best of both worlds.” She told us:

It combined my love for teaching and my love for exercise science. I was asked to start a new program at a high school for students that wanted to go into a sports medicine, exercise science, or health careers field. Now I am a high school educator teaching health, nutrition, personal training, athletic training, physical education, etc. It’s truly been an amazing opportunity!

A high school teacher by day and strength and nutrition coach when school gets out, Joelle is teaching it like she’s living it! She shared her top three fit tips in a recent article with us on the Blog.

Joelle Samantha’s Top 3 Fit Tips

  1. Don’t do something because you feel like you “have” to. If you don’t like running, find a different method of cardio. If you hate broccoli, don’t eat broccoli! Too many people are falling into fitness fads and trends. Find what you love and do what is maintainable for you! You’ll never stick to a plan you don’t like!
  2. Learn your body! Every person’s body is built differently. We all carry fat differently, build muscle at different rates, have faster/slower metabolisms. Try not to “copy” other people’s’ routines. Just because someone loses weight on 2,500 calories a day, doesn’t mean you can too! Learn YOUR body through trial and error and DON’T compare yourself to others and their progress. It’s you against you!
  3. Practice loving yourself at ALL stages of your fitness journey. Not just when you’re leanest or when you’re “on track” with your diet. We’re all human. But don’t pick at the things you love and hate about your body. Realize that it is a machine and a vessel; one that can do amazing things. Love it as a WHOLE, not just pieces of it. That way you can enjoy every step of your journey, both the up’s and the downs. They make us who we are.

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Transporter Tote and Adriana Gentile

Fitmark Ambassador: Adriana Gentile
Lifestyle: Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Sponsored Athlete
Fitmark Bags: Transporter Tote

One of the biggest challenges women face as new moms is getting their pre-baby body back. Fitmark Ambassador Adriana Gentile had more than 70 pounds to lose after the birth of her son, but with a get-fit plan she stuck to it and she’s now leading others in their own fitness journey.

Adriana Gentile’s Top 3 Fit Tips

  1. Believe and have faith that the universe works with us, not against us. If you work hard, you WILL be rewarded. “He who says he can’t and he who says he can, are both usually right”
  2. Have confidence in yourself which then relays into having respect to all of those around you. Everything happens for a reason and you don’t meet people by accident. Everyone brought to you on your life’s path has a purpose, so remain humble and true to yourself and that purpose, sooner or later, will become apparent. As well as mother nature. Be good to the earth and the earth will be good to you.
  3. Know that every instance, whether it be “good” or “bad” has been brought to you for your growth. We grow from our struggles and questioning the unknown.

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Lots of great fitness tips from our amazing Ambassadors to keep you fit and keen.


The Fitmark Team


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  1. Find what you love and do what is maintainable for you – really great and most important tip from Samantha!

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