Creating Her Own Story With Journaling

Journaling is one of those daily habits that keeps you on track while delivering some pretty amazing and unexpected health benefits as well. Whether it’s a fitness journal, a personal diary, or a blog you share with the world, the therapeutic effect of writing it all down goes way beyond tracking calories in and calories out. Fitmark Ambassador Amanda Gable journals every day for focus and motivation.

Amanda Gable Journaling

Fitmark Ambassador: Amanda Gable
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My motivation comes from my journaling. I remind myself daily what my goals are, and most importantly, why they are my goals. You have to recognize your intentions, WHY your goals are your goals in the first place. If you don’t know why you are chasing a specific goal, then maybe it’s the wrong one.

Setting Goals, Staying On Track

Keeping a fitness journal is one of the best ways to stay on track with your workout and nutrition goals. When you write it all down, everything starts to take focus and it’s easier to plan ahead. But journaling is more than that too. Setting life goals, making daily changes towards a healthier lifestyle, and emotionally processing what you need out of life is what journaling can offer.

Amanda started writing down her goals at a time in her life when she felt completely lost. She says:

I didn’t have a plan of attack or know exactly what I wanted, I just knew I wanted MORE, more than just mediocre. So I chose to make little decisions day in and day out. At the time, I saw no immediate results at all, but over time they added up. That’s what brought me here. I refer to it as The Compound Effect and eventually it kicked in for me. I had to connect today’s actions with tomorrow’s outcome. That’s what got me through, and that’s what still keeps me going.

Replacing One Bad Addiction with a Healthy One

Having struggled to find her place in school, Amanda had never really enjoyed playing sports as a kid due to exercise-induced asthma and a hip joint condition called Legg Perthes. It wasn’t until college that she found her passion for running and fitness. She told us:

I started using running as my outlet when I was stressed, upset, or just needed to blow off some steam. I’d just put my shoes on and go. Literally didn’t matter the time of day, morning or midnight, I’d be out running. I loved it wholeheartedly!!

But Amanda had a weakness and it was drinking. It got to the point that her dad had to step in. She told us:

One day my dad said something to me that really stuck. He told me he was worried about me and thought I had a problem. I started to think maybe I did. My life started going in a direction I didn’t necessarily like or feel proud of, so I found a new addiction, fitness.

Then Amanda’s journaling really took off. Now she had clear goals in mind and a way of tracking everything. She says:

Lifting weights, challenging myself daily, That was my HAPPINESS. I learned to replace one bad habit with one good habit, and then another and another. I wrote down my goals, long term AND short term. That is still to this day how I start every morning – with a cup of coffee and my to-do list.

Finding Motivation Through Journaling

Through fitness and finding motivation through journaling, Amanda has been able to turn her life around and find a new direction in life. Fitness is her new addiction. She told us:

When I wanted to go out and drink, I’d go to the gym instead. I replaced happy hours at the bars with spin class or some random workout I put together. It wasn’t until I was approached about competing that things really got intense. I figured I would try it, maybe it would help keep me busy and busy was good for me because it gave me less time to find a reason to go out and drink. Well, it did just that! In 2013 I competed at my first NPC show and I LOVED it and I haven’t stopped ever since. CHANGED MY LIFE 100%

Fitmark Meal Prep Bag

Journaling is a great way to find out what you want in life and how to get it. By setting daily, manageable goals, eventually you’ll see results. One of the easiest daily goals to implement is meal prep and planning your meals ahead of time. Amanda told us:

I LOVE making my own food and having control of my macros, and my Fitmark Bag allows me to have all the space I need to carry my meals without the bulkiness of other lunch boxes 🙂 I literally take it everywhere with me – the gym, work, when I travel. It’s more important to me than my purse LOL! It helps me stay accountable, ESPECIALLY during prep when I’m getting ready for a show.

Journaling is something people have been doing for centuries, but it’s only till recently that science has probed its hidden wonders and discovered incredible health benefits. It can improve your mood, help you identify your goals and discover what makes you tick. It worked for Amanda and she’s now a better person because of it. She told us:

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to forget what you’re worth and what goals you want to reach in life. Unless you tell yourself day in and day out that you are capable, it’s easy to fall off, especially when you feel weak. You just have to keep yourself on the right track. My journaling does that for me. Putting myself around like-minded people and going to church with my family does that for me 🙂

You can find Fitmark Ambassador Amanda Gable on Instagram @Gable_Fit 

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