The True Beauty Of Fitness Is All In The Mind

The trick to reaching those New Year’s fitness goals is to get your head in the game. Commit to your resolutions and convince yourself you can do it. As Fitmark Ambassador Anthony Woods found out on his own fitness journey and as a student of psychology, he says, “Before anything physical can occur, there must first be psychological growth and development.”

Fitness Is All In The Mind

Fitmark Ambassador: Anthony Woods
Lifestyle: Personal Trainer, Athlete, Family Man
Meal Bags: the Envoy Duffel︱the Envoy Backpack

Getting into shape is all about getting your head in the game. Having grown up playing basketball and sneaking into the gym at the age of 13, Anthony says he’s been an athlete for as long as he can remember. He told us:

I practically grew up in the gym and I’d sneak in and imitate the much older and much bigger guys and the exercises they were performing. I fell in love with the body’s potential to be shaped and manipulated by proper use of nutrition and exercise, and soon I enjoyed weight training far more than I did actually playing basketball.

The Mind-Body Connection

There is such a strong connection between exercising and the positive effect it has on the mind that you hear it all the time. But this impact affects many aspects of mental health from your emotional well-being to self-esteem and confidence. Getting into shape starts with the mind and the motivation to get to the gym and work out. Anthony graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and he says he “quickly recognized the correlation between fitness and psychology.” He told us:

Now, I work with individuals looking to take control of their lives and make the positive changes necessary to be everything they dreamed they could be! Fitness, in my opinion, is about the psychological journey one goes on. Most of the progress we see is physical, but before anything physical can occur, there must first be psychological growth and development. I believe the true beauty in fitness lies there.

Get Inspired, Get Motivated

Try to remember that when your body is too tired or too stiff to work out and you want nothing more than to skip the gym. Before you sabotage your New Year’s fitness goals, get your head back in the game so you can get to the gym and stay on track. As a busy father, Anthony could come up with plenty of excuses not to work out, but instead he gets inspired by setting the best example he can for his kids. He told us:

Balancing fatherhood and everything else going on in my life can get a bit difficult at times. But my children are my biggest source of inspiration, and thankfully they encourage me daily. As a father, I know they are watching my every move, and observing all my habits (good and bad). So, I make sure that my sons witness me doing my best, staying consistent, and being positive as much possible. I’m with my sons quite a bit, so that means I spend a great amount of my time doing my best, staying consistent, and being positive : ) They are my balance, they are my joy, they are my fire.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast and Pack Your Meals

Setting healthy lifestyle habits is the secret to getting into shape. You can get the whole family involved too, which will make it easier for you to stick to your own diet and fitness goals. Anthony told us:

I encourage my children to always eat a healthy breakfast. It can be very easy to grab quick and often unhealthy choices while rushing out of the door in the morning. So, I make sure to wake my children up with enough time for them to comfortably sit down at the table and eat a healthy breakfast. We’ve been doing that for so long that it’s normal for them now. Anything else is foreign and makes them a bit uncomfortable. Healthy habits.

Envoy Backpack

As far as his own diet goes, Anthony says it’s constantly changing depending on his fitness goals. He told us:

If I preparing for a contest, looking to grow and become stronger, or simply maintaining the look that I have for the time being, the variables I usually manipulate are my carbohydrates and my fats. My proteins usually stay the same year round. My favorite protein sources are top sirloin steak and ground turkey. My favorite carbohydrate sources are sweet potatoes and Ezekiel bread. And last, my favorite fat sources are all natural almond butter and all natural peanut butter.

Balancing fatherhood, work and life requires some organization. Anthony relies on his Fitmark Bags to keep him organized and stocked up on meals. He told us:

Fitmark Bags are truly a huge help. They make it easy to keep EVERYTHING you need with you throughout your day. I carry my Envoy Backpack with me everywhere I go. And for the gym, I carry my Envoy Duffel, which is also perfect for travel! My sons even use Fitmark Bags for my lunch boxes for school!! Stylish, versatile, and durable!

Anthony’s Top 3 Fit Tips For Losing Weight

  1. Always eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. To make life much easier, bring your food with you everywhere you go. This will help with temptation and resisting poor food choices. Fitmark has everything you need to make carrying your food do-able.
  3. Do something active, even if it’s something small, every day. No matter how long it takes. If you’re stepping in the right direction on your path, you’ll eventually get to your goal.

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Anthony Woods on Instagram @ant_woodz

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