Running To Stay Fit

Tune into @42kcookie on Instagram and you’ll immediately see how Fitmark Ambassador Emmalouise Brown loves her cookies. But she’s so fit – how can that be? Well first of all, you gotta choose the right cookie and second, you have to time it right so it fits with your macros and exercise activity. It wasn’t always this way for Emmalouise, as she once weighed 98% more than she does now.

Running To Stay Fit

Fitmark Ambassador: Emmalouise Brown
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After losing “a huge amount of weight,” Emmalouise left her native England for warmer shores and moved to California. She told us:

In the process of losing weight and getting fit, I found my passion for fitness. Once I had lost around 60 lb, I joined the gym to help gain muscle and this is where my passion for fitness really grew.

It’s All In Your Genes

Like many kids who struggle with their weight, Emmalouise grew up thinking her weight problem was just in her genes. Her family was overweight and every diet she tried always failed. She told us:

By the time I was 25, I had given up trying. You could say something inside me snapped one day when I was 27. Just walking up a flight of steps had me out of breath and on the verge of an asthma attack. After one shopping spree that had me in tears when I couldn’t get a size 14 pair of shorts over my thighs, I came to the realization that I didn’t have to be overweight and that I only had myself to blame. Not my genes. If I wanted to change, only I could do that.

Motivate Yourself to Get in Shape

That’s the kind of motivation or kick in the pants that we all need to get into gear. When that moment comes, you know you’re about to take the leap and change your lifestyle habits. Emmalouise told us:

That was the day I stocked up on nutritious foods and never looked back. The first 4 or 5 months was all just changing my eating habits and then at about 6 months, I joined the gym. I honestly never imagined I would ever be someone to go to a gym let alone enjoy and look forward to it every day. From there my interest in other activities grew – running, where I can now run a Boston Qualifying Marathon time, and extreme events like Tough Mudder.

Learn to Love the Gym

You never really know what you’re capable of until you reset your mindset. Most people think of going to the gym as an arduous and intimidating task, but more often than not, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll love it. So don’t let that excuse get in your way of getting in shape or else you might miss out on the chance of changing your life for the better. Emmalouise told us:

Getting in shape has made a huge difference to my life, to be honest. I used to be incredibly shy and introverted, avoiding groups of people. But in losing weight, my confidence has soared and I will strike up a conversation with almost anybody. Which has also made me more approachable too.


Now that Emmalouise has received her Green Card, she’s starting to build her business and kickstart her career in the fitness industry. One of the things she loves to share with her followers on Instagram is her love of cookies. She puts together some mouth-watering desserts that would make you think she’s given up again. But they’re macro friendly! Here’s what she told us:

Haha! My love for cookies, I doubt that will ever go away. Cookies were always my favorite treat as a child and I still enjoy them daily now, but have created recipes where I sub out the ”unhealthy” ingredients for better ones like applesauce instead of sugar, and banana instead of butter. It means I can still enjoy my treats without any guilt and I do have a dessert every day. My other meals are all high protein with lean meats and ample amounts of vegetables that I prep at least one day a week and have them all individually portioned ready to cook. When I am away from home, I cook my meals the night before and have them ready in my Fitmark meal containers ready to pack up and take with me in the morning.

Meal Prep and Meal Bags

Prepping your meals ahead of time and packing them in a cooler bag is the ultimate solution to staying in shape. Every time you leave the house, you should take your next meal with you just in case you’re gone longer than expected. That’s a recipe for disaster when you’re caught short and have to resort to restaurant or take-out food. Emmalouise told us:

I absolutely love my Fitmark Bag collection so much! I got my first one in December 2014 for my Birthday after begging my husband for one for months, and now I have 6! I really don’t know how I would manage without one now. Having the meal management bags have saved me from bad restaurants so many times, and my Transporter Backpack comes to all of my long distance races with me. After running 13+ miles, I have a clean change of clothes and a nice chilled protein shake to help with recovery while everyone else is drinking warm Gatorade.

Emmalouise’s Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

  1. My number 1 tip is always allow yourself the food you enjoy. If you deprive yourself of those foods, it will likely result in bingeing at some point. Just be sure to eat in moderation (for example if that food is pizza, instead of eating two or three slices, have one with a side salad).
  2. Make sure to take rest or ”active rest” days. Taking recovery and rest time makes those days spent training easier and more effective.
  3. As basic as it sounds – drink plenty of water. Many people mistake being thirsty for being hungry. Staying well-hydrated helps the body to recover after training too.

The thing to remember when you’re trying to get in shape is to take one day at a time and commit to it each and every day. Eventually, you’ll start seeing results and that will be all the motivation you need to keep going. Emmalouise has lost about 100 lbs and went from 200 lb to 102 lb. She’s now ready to start helping others achieve their fitness goals and feel good about themselves.

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Emmalouise Brown on Instagram @42kcookie

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