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Everyone has one of those stories about meal prep that makes them laugh or blush at the thought of it. You just gotta put it down to experience. So we thought it would be fun to hear from our ambassadors to see what we can learn from their meal prep stories. Here’s what they had to tell us…

the Shield meal prepped

Fitmark Ambassador: Denetra Blackshear
Lifestyle: Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Athlete, Hip Hop Dancer
Meal Prep Bag:  the Shield

One of the funniest stories I have about meal prep is when I didn’t have a Fitmark Bag. I was so busy that day with training clients, boot camp, I had to work out, and I had a photo shoot! I thought I could find food on the way…that totally did not work out. Next thing you know I am at my friend’s house eating cheese-its in her pantry crying because I just ruined my diet for the day. She walked in and sees me eating a box, while crying, and she starts to laugh. We both start laughing and I put it down…the next day I bought a Fitmark Bag! LOL!

Which just goes to show how meal prep can make or break your day. Always pack your meals with you so you’re never caught short.

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The Tale of the Mystery Meal Prep Snatcher

For Fitmark Ambassador Geri Berger, she learned that when it comes to meal prep it’s always a good idea to cook enough for everyone in the whole family. You just never know who’s going to take a fancy to it!

Shield redwhiteblue

Fitmark Ambassador: Geri Berger
Lifestyle: Director of Fitness, Personal Training & Wellness at Island Club Spa, IFBB Pro Athlete, Fitness Model, Black Belt in Hapkido, Martial Arts & Kickboxing Instructor, Marathon & Obstacle Course Runner, Mental Health Advocate
Meal Prep Bags: the Envoy Duffel ︱the Shield ︱the Go Pack

Geri’s story about meal prep has to do with a mystery food snatcher! She told us:

My food started to disappear from the fridge and I would be short food. At first I thought I was going crazy but then my 8 year old confessed that he had been eating my prepped foods in the fridge! He not only loves healthy meal prepped foods, but he thinks eating out of the containers is pretty cool.

We think eating out of the meal containers is pretty cool too. That’s why we’ve designed a few options for you by adding some color and even a series of Bento Boxes.

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No More Tears Over Mismatched Lids

For Fitmark Ambassador Krisi Fenner, meal prep brings back memories of what she calls The Great Tupperware Meltdown of 2015. That was before she had invested in her Fitmark Meal Prep Bag. Now she enjoys the convenience of our full range of BPA-free meal prep containers with seal-tight lids that are always easy to find. Here’s her meal prep story…

fitmark meal prep containers

Fitmark Ambassador: Krisi Fenner
Lifestyle: Fitness Competitor, CPA, Bodybuilder, Runner
Meal Prep Bags: the Shield LG ︱Envoy Backpack

One time, toward the end of prep I had cooked a bunch of food and was trying to find Tupperware (with lids) to put it in. We all know this struggle… WHERE DO THE LIDS DISAPPEAR TO??? My frustration quickly turned to tears and I had a complete meltdown. My husband walked into the kitchen and I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by Tupperware, crying. The look on his face was so priceless that my tears turned to hysterical giggles… I was solidly aboard the crazy train at this point and couldn’t stop crying or laughing. This goes down as my one and only prep related meltdown. Now every time I find myself heading toward crazy I remember “The great Tupperware meltdown of 2015″ and pull myself together! :)

With our meal management system, food containers are included with your cooler bag and are designed to keep meal prep simple. Dish washer safe, microwave safe, and with spill-proof, interchangeable lids, you’ll never find yourself on the floor crying over mismatched lids.

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Meal Prep and Travel

Traveling with food is always an adventure and as you’ll find out from our next ambassadors, there’s always a surprise in store. Here’s Fitmark Ambassador Brittany Coutu trying to get through airport security with some peanut butter!

Sport Duffel

Fitmark Ambassador: Brittany Coutu
Lifestyle: Online Trainer & Coach, WBFF Pro, Sponsored Athlete
Meal Prep Bags:  the Box LG ︱the Envoy Duffel

I was on my way to Las Vegas to compete in the WBFF World’s Pro Show, in which I placed 2nd :) But I was so depleted, so tired and so in need of my organic peanut butter for my next meal, there was no way I was leaving without it! I have a nut allergy and it’s the only one I can eat, so I refused to give it up. After three security scans, they finally let me and my organic peanut butter go!

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All of our meal prep bags come with TSA-approved ice packs, so getting through customs is no bother. But that doesn’t mean the security guards won’t be curious, not to mention hungry. Here’s Fitmark Ambassador Nimai Delgado to tell you what to do when you experience meal prep envy.

the cruiser bag with meal prep

Fitmark Ambassador: Nimai Delgado
Lifestyle: Vegan IFBB Pro Athlete, Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Meal Prep Bags: the Shield LG

One time I was travelling and had my meals with me in my Fitmark Bag. As I was going through security, the TSA agent pulled me aside and opens up my bag and starts looking around. When he sees my prepared meals, he asked me if he could have one because he hadn’t eaten lunch! Needless to say, I did not give him my meals – haha! I was on prep!

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Keep A Lid On It!

There comes a time in everyone’s meal prep career when you’re out in public and in need of nourishment. You know that moment when you pop the lid off your meal prep containers and release the wonderful aromas of your cooking. This becomes even more tricky when you’re in a confined space like an airplane. Here’s Fitmark Ambassador Anthony Woods with his meal prep travel tale…

Black Envoy backpack_arrow-580x580

Fitmark Ambassador: Anthony Woods
Lifestyle: Personal Trainer, Athlete, Family Man
Meal Prep Bags: the Envoy Duffel︱the Envoy Backpack

Well, last year when I was flying to my national show in Chicago, I had to eat a meal on the plane. Usually that’s not much of an inconvenience, but this meal was 10oz of tilapia. So, in mid-flight, I pulled out my Fitmark meal container and began eating cold fish on the airplane. Needless to say, the fishy smell spread rather quickly. It wasn’t long before I could notice other passengers looking around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. I felt really bad for the gentleman sitting directly next to me. What can I say? I couldn’t miss a meal : ) lol.

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If there’s one thing you can learn from our Fitmark Ambassadors it’s – Never Miss A Meal! Thanks to our full range of exclusive meal prep bags, you’ll never have to miss a meal again.


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