Nursing The Mind, Body And Spirit

The benefits you’ll feel from a healthy eating plan and a regular workout schedule go way beyond the physical. As you progress along your fitness journey, you’ll grow in confidence and have way more energy than before, but that’s not all. Working out is the best way to lift your spirits and focus your mind.

Nursing the mind, body and spirit

Fitmark Ambassador: Danielle Thurn
Lifestyle: Registered Nurse, Fitness Competitor
Fitmark Meal Bag: the Sport Duffel

Fitmark Ambassador Danielle Thurn brings this perspective to her job as a Registered Nurse. She told us:

Working as a nurse taught me a lot about caring for people’s minds, bodies and spirits. When you’re sick, it’s the little things that boost your spirits and help you maintain a positive outlook.

Danielle is competitive by nature and has loved playing sports since she was a kid. Being a fitness competitor has given her the opportunity to continue working in a new sport as an adult, and has taught her some valuable life lessons that she brings to her job. One of those is meal prep.

The Inside Scoop on Meal Prep

Taking better care of yourself requires a holistic approach and it all starts with nutrition. The one trick you can learn to help you reach your goals consistently time after time is MEAL PREP! Here’s what Danielle told us:

I meal prep whether I’m competing or not. I adjust the macros and ingredients according to my lean body mass, weight, and body fat. I think it’s important to not just rely on a scale to measure progress.

Keep Meal Prep Simple!

Counting macronutrients is easier if you keep it simple. Here’s Danielle’s advice:

I have a few food items I never get sick of. For example, lean ground turkey with taco seasoning is one of my favorites. I make it in bulk, add to it salsa, guacamole, rice, spinach, and fajita veggies!


When the meal prep is complete, Danielle then packs her Fitmark meal bag so she’ll have her food with her during the workday. She told us:

I travel a lot for work and prep my meals every day. My bag goes everywhere I go! I make breakfast at home and prep 4 meals to go in my Fitmark Bag and finish with dinner at home. The 4 meals I pack in my meal bag get me through my workday and workout. I keep protein bars, protein powder, and Crystal Light in the side pockets, just in case I need a quick snack or drink!

Top 3 Fit Tips

  1. Your body likes consistency! Eating every few hours is better for losing weight than starving and binge eating!
  2. Find foods you really enjoy and base your meal prep around those items! I love eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, cinnamon Ezekiel bread and ground turkey!
  3. Tell the people around you that you want to make a change! Tell them you aren’t happy with how you look now and you are going to lose weight. This act alone will hold you accountable and it begins to build your support system. I love having fitness friends because they have a similar mindset and goals. If they know I am competing soon, they will support me and make sure if I slip up, I get right back on track!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Danielle Thurn on Instagram @dani__nicole__

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