Following In Her Mom’s Fit Footsteps

Fit moms and dads are often discussed here on the blog, but this time we’re talking to a fit kid. Fitmark Ambassador Kristine Duba grew up with a fit mom and is now pioneering her own path in the fitness industry. She’s living proof that fit parents really do have a positive influence on their kids.

Following in her mom's fit footsteps

Fitmark Ambassador: Kristine Duba
Lifestyle: IFBB Pro Athlete, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, B.S. Exercise Science, M.S. Sports Management
Fitmark Meal Bags: the Shield

Growing up with a fit parent who was a powerlifter and fitness instructor, Kristine was raised with a healthy outlook on life, exercise and eating right. Her mom made fitness something fun and enjoyable that they could do together as a family. The gym became a second home to Kristine and her sisters and they loved every minute of it:

I began lifting weights when I was ten years old. My mother took us to World Gym in Albuquerque and while she taught classes or lifted weights, my sisters and I did circuit training in the kid’s room on the kid equipment. When we were done we got protein bars, and in my house, a protein bar was a candy bar! We loved it! It was all we knew.

Expert Nutrition Tips

Now as a competitive athlete and trainer, she’s sharing her lifelong knowledge and helping other people achieve their dreams. We didn’t want this opportunity to slip by without asking Kristine for her expert advice on nutrition:

Most people know by now the importance of nutrition to complement any training/fitness routine. For me, being a competitive athlete, nutrition is vital and I customize my nutrition per my physique and performance goals. Even though I prep large batches of food to make sure I stay on track throughout the week, I still listen to my body every day and make adjustments as needed.

Making adjustments to your diet is key as your activity levels change from day to day. But it takes a lot of know-how to get this right. Kristine explains:

I use nutrition to properly fuel my body to be able to perform all of the duties of my daily life, as well as to achieve my physique and training goals. Each week I choose 2-3 clean, lean protein sources to cook in large batch along with a variety of veggies (mainly green, fibrous) and 1-2 different types of complex carbs. This consists of about 85% to 90% of my diet throughout the week. That extra 10-15% I use in flexibility as I listen to my body, how I’m feeling, and make adjustments to complement.

Work-Life Balance

Staying on track and meeting your fitness goals every day takes a lot of planning. But Kristine has the answer:

Life is about finding balance in all things. As a wife, a step-mom, a daughter, a sister, a coach, a fitness instructor, and a competitive pro-fitness athlete, I juggle many hats, and with that comes the necessity to be able to be flexible and have balance. I often times wake up in the morning with an arduous to-do list and by the end of the day, I’m happy if I conquered 50% of it. It’s okay to be human and be forgiving of yourself for any shortcomings. At the same time, it’s okay to reward yourself on those days every box gets check marked off the list.

Shield redwhiteblue

Meal Prep and Meal Bags

To help her achieve those fitness goals, Kristine uses her Fitmark Bag – the Shield – to keep her on track. She told us:

My Fitmark bag has ‘fit’ perfectly into my daily and weekly routine, like a missing puzzle piece. There are days where I am away from home for extended periods of time and I need to carry 4-5 meals with me. The Fitmark bag has enabled me to do this, keeping me on track and making it that much easier for me to stay true to my nutrition, true to my training, and true to reaching my goals, whether in contest prep or just getting through daily life!

It just goes to show that keeping active and following a healthy lifestyle is a great way to teach your kids the ropes. When it becomes a part of your daily life, your kids are more likely to maintain that lifestyle throughout their lifetime and that’s something to get excited about. If you’re looking for motivation, there it is right there!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Kristine Duba on Instagram @kristineduba

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