Fit Kids Need Fuel Not Food

If your kid is as athletic as 11-year-old Fitmark Ambassador Elle Hatamiya, then you want to make sure their nutrition is on point. When your child is this active, it’s no longer about food but eating the right fuel to meet the athletic demands of the body. So let’s take a look at Elle’s diet and fitness routine to see if we can learn something.

Fit Kids Needs Fuel Not Food

Fitmark Ambassador: Elle Hatamiya
Lifestyle: USA Weightlifting National Youth Champion, 3X State ChampionLevel 7 Gymnast, Cuong Nhu Green Belt
Fitmark Meal Bags: the Shield

Elle loves staying active and competing in her three favorite sports – martial arts, gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. She started out with martial arts at the age of seven, then gymnastics at eight, CrossFit at nine, and Olympic weightlifting at 10. Each sport brought something new to her fitness regime and helped her reach the next level as an athlete. She told us:

My three sports complement one another, and even though I don’t train in each of them the same number of hours each week, I like them all equally. I currently train about 26-27 hours per week and I have goals in each sport. I love it!

With such a demanding training schedule, Elle needs to make sure she is eating enough of the right foods to fuel her body. Luckily, she has a great mom who takes care of her nutrition needs. Elle gave us a quick peek at her meal plan for a typical weekday:

We buy primarily organic produce and grass-fed meat. I don’t like processed foods or anything that is too sweet-tasting. Breakfast is always eggs and fruit, or protein pancakes on weekends. I bring my lunch to school, and it’s usually some home-cooked leftovers and fruit. I always have a good snack after school, on the way to my training sessions. Dinners are often eaten in the car on the way to or from training. We pack them in my Fitmark Bag, and it makes it really easy. I take vitamins, and the Fitmark divided supplement container helps me stay organized. I also drink Progenex protein shakes after every training session.


Elle told us that her Fitmark Shield cooler bag is a lifesaver for staying on track at school and the gym. With such a busy schedule, she’s always on the go and needs to be able to refuel on the spot. She told us:

I have the Shield and I use it every single day. I love this bag! It’s the best lunch box we’ve ever used. My mom prepares my snack and protein shake and brings it to me in the Shield after school. On gymnastics practice days, she brings it to me at night with my dinner to eat on the way home from practice. On weightlifting/martial arts days, it holds dinner for me and my brother as well as snacks and shakes. We also use it on weekends to bring snacks, meals, and shakes to our activities and competitions. It has a great number of different types of pockets to stay organized and bring everything we need that day.

There really is no other way to stay on track but to have a bag packed and ready to go with not just your training gear but your food too. Elle told us:

If you’re an athlete, nutritious food is very important because it fuels your body and helps you recover after you’ve worked out. Real food is always better than chemicals!

Most of all, she says – “Be organized and prepared with healthy options. This way, you don’t get stuck eating unhealthy food just because it’s there.”

Elle Hatamiya’s Top 3 Tips for Aspiring Young Athletes

  1. Try out lots of different sports and activities.
  2. When you find something you love, stick with it.
  3. Always listen to your coaches and instructors and give your best effort so you improve.

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