No Such Thing As One Size Fits All

An important thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for a new workout plan is how your body works. We all now know about genetics and how they determine certain factors of our biological makeup, so don’t be discouraged if a certain exercise doesn’t work for you. There are a hundred different ways to perform an exercise, so don’t give up. Eventually you’ll find a technique you’ll love and then working out will become a joy not a pain.

No Such Thing As One Size Fits All

It’s all about the science of exercise, biomechanics and how different body frames respond to exercise activities. To explain, we asked Fitmark Ambassador Heidi Waselich for some expert advice.

Fitmark Ambassador: Heidi Waselich
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As a graduate in exercise science, Heidi has a different perspective on working out and getting in shape. She recommends understanding the mechanics of your body and how it responds to exercise because ultimately, it will affect the outcome of your fitness goals. She told us:

Everyone’s body is going to need something a little bit different. No one’s genetics, movement patterns, metabolism, strength, physical abilities, etc. are exactly alike. A huge part of being a good coach and personal trainer is knowing that, and being willing to take on each client as someone totally new in every aspect. It’s exactly why no two clients will get the exact same training plan or nutritional breakdown. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

No One Size Fits All

So watch out for that if you’re looking for a personal trainer and your fitness plan looks just like your friend’s and their friend’s and their friend’s. Maybe you should try another trainer with a more holistic approach to getting in shape, and a better understanding of how the body works.

The same is true of nutrition. Not everyone responds to macronutrients the same way. For some, the 40-30-30 split is perfect. For others, less fat and more carbs is a better percentage profile for their body. Heidi recommends taking a flexible approach to your diet and nutrition, so you can track and make adjustments as you go along. She told us:

I generally keep bulk fresh veggies, salads and meats prepped and portioned out in my Fitmark containers, so they’re waiting for me to grab-and-go when I head out the door to work or the gym. Being someone who utilizes flexible dieting, I like to plan out most of my meals for the day on the night before, filling in the gaps as I go.

Being prepared with meals all ready to go in the fridge, all Heidi has to do is load up her Fitmark Bag and go. She says:

I literally have 2 or 3 Fitmark bags with me every day. I use the Sport Duffel as my daily gym bag to carry my supplements, gym shoes, belt, bands and headphones. I also use the Shield when I’m going to be out of the house for a while and need to have some meals on hand while I’m gone.


So remember, if you’re putting everything you’ve got into your workout program and you’re not seeing results, don’t get discouraged. Instead, tweak your program and try something different. Here’s some advice from Heidi:

DO NOT give up! Not on your goals, not on your training and more than anything, not on yourself. We’re all humans. We all make mistakes. No matter what you see on Instagram or anywhere else, no one is perfect and there’s not a single person out there who doesn’t mess up. You have to take those moments, use them as lessons, move forward and keep trying. You can’t ever fail if you don’t ever give up. You only fail by throwing in the towel.

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Heidi Waselich on Instagram @body_by_heidi

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