Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids

Since the time her baby was just a bump, Fitmark Ambassador Kayleigh Obert has been including her daughter in her daily exercise routine. She says it’s a great way to keep your energy levels up, while setting a good example at the same time.

Healthy Parents, Healthy Kids

Fitmark Ambassador: Kayleigh Obert
Lifestyle: Ward Clerk, Fitness Athlete, Fit Mom
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Staying active and eating healthy during pregnancy is always recommended, but it’s important to check with your doctor first so you don’t overdo it. While it’s probably not a good idea to begin an ambitious exercise routine the moment you find out you’re pregnant, light to moderate exercise is a good idea.

During her pregnancy, Kayleigh kept to her exercise program and found it was a great opportunity to bond with her bump. She says it was very empowering:

I worked out my entire pregnancy; it made me feel amazing and helped with my energy levels. I used to put my hand on my baby bump during workouts and now my seven-month-old watches me in our home gym. I feel like I’m setting a positive mindset towards training and nutrition for her. Looking back at progress pictures makes me feel like a bada$$.

Living a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym to lift weights has become so much of a habit now for Kayleigh, she says that it would feel “weird to skip the gym.” At the beginning of her fitness journey, Kayleigh learned all she could by Googling, “how to get toned.” She told us:

I saw pictures of these beautiful women with chiseled abs and amazing legs and then read it was from lifting weights. I knew right then that’s what I wanted. I started small, and in 2014 I entered my first bodybuilding show. From the moment I hit that stage, I was hooked!


Nutrition is always priority number one and Kayleigh takes no chances but follows a macro nutrition plan set out by her coach. She told us:

My go-to proteins regardless are always 96% beef, sirloin steak, chicken, eggs and Magnum Quattro protein shakes. My go-to carbs are sweet potato puffs, apples, bagels, whole wheat pasta and red potatoes. Fat options are usually peanut butter and almonds. I like to mix things up a lot because it keeps me from falling off plan. If I need something sweet, I fit it into my macros so I don’t crash.

On top of training every day and taking care of her beautiful daughter, Kayleigh also works full time and helps her husband run his business. How does she balance everything and still find time for herself? She told us:

I wish I knew. There are a lot of nights I think, how did I make it through the day? I think it comes down to being prepared each day. I prepare my meals the night before and pack my Fitmark Bags every morning with all my meals. I honestly don’t think I could stay on track without my Shield bag for my meals and supplements (the supplement storage case is great!), and the Transporter Backpack, which I use daily to carry my gallon of water and gym clothes. I don’t pack lightly to work!

Kayleigh loves her healthy, fit lifestyle and finds taking time to take care of herself allows her to better care for others. She told us:

Show your little ones you can achieve anything! I think it’s great to set a positive image of hard work and dedication in fitness, career, and family. The best part is the way my daughter smiles and watches me when I work out. It’s amazing! We have little dance parties in between sets. It’s great!

From bump, baby, and beyond, healthy kids learn from healthy parents.

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Kayleigh Obert on Instagram @kayleighkelley

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