Be Active Because You Can

That old saying that you only truly appreciate what you have after it’s gone, is so true. It’s easy to take things for granted like being able to get out of bed in the morning, but what if you lose that ability?

For Fitmark Ambassador Amanda Tini Martin, mobility has been an issue since the age of 12 when she had surgery to put metal pins in her hips. But it was later when she was struck down by a drunk driver that her life came to a complete standstill.

After months and months of recovery and being stuck in bed, she made a promise to herself to be more active once she was fully recovered. Not only did she make a full recovery but she also remained true to her promise.

Be Active Because You Can!

Photography by Jeramie Lu, Reno, Nevada

Fitmark Ambassador: Amanda Tini Martin
Lifestyle: Gym Manager, Certified Personal Trainer, Fit Mom
Fitmark Meal Bags: Transporter Tote, the Box

Be active if you can, BECAUSE you can. It is a gift to have mobility. If you have to start slow, do so. But any activity is better than the act of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself or wishing for change. You can be the change…one step at a time.

Tini has struggled with her weight since she was a young girl. Mobility issues and an auto-immune disease that robs her of energy have both contributed to weight gain and feeling unhappy. She told us:

Inactivity, life events and poor food choices led me to slide from overweight to morbidly obese by my early twenties.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

After the birth of her son, Tini saw her weight climb from 236 to 245 to 263 pounds. It was her doctor’s words that sparked the beginning of her weight loss journey. She’ll never forget that day. He told her:

“Remember: What YOU eat, HE eats.”

That was the breaking point for Tini. She told us:

I pictured this little baby of mine eating the Jack-in-the-Box, Oreos, Reece’s, ice cream and other terrible things I was eating and I felt like such a horrible mother. It was a dream-come-true to be a mother and here I was at a growing 263 pounds, paving a terrible foundation for my little one’s health. I immediately changed my diet to things I would want him to eat: fresh foods, less sugar, and no fast food. I drank more water and took vitamins religiously. I purchased a home workout program and changed my life one day at a time.

Weight Loss Journey

As Tini began to lose weight, people started to notice and tell her how much they wished they could lose weight like her. She told us:

Hearing things like, ‘I wish I could lose weight like that’ or ‘can you help me?’ – really reached something deep inside of me because I couldn’t possibly track how many times I felt that same way, for as long as I could remember! I will also ALWAYS remember how alone, confused, frustrated and defeated I felt DAILY when I first started my journey – constantly wishing I had someone to ask questions or reach out to for support. I decided I wanted to be that person, for anyone I could.

Like so many before her, Fitness changed Tini’s life forever and now as a Certified Personal Trainer she’s sharing her experience and helping others reach their goals. She told us:

I set a goal to become a personal trainer but had myself convinced that I had to be in superb shape to hold that title. I was working my hardest to get there and was down 83 pounds when in August of 2014 I was hit by a drunk driver.

Staying Motivated Through Life's Tough Challenges

Tini suffered a dislocated shoulder, broken hand, and a Lisfranc fracture to her foot that required surgical repair and yielded a 50/50 chance that she may never run or jump again. She is almost guaranteed to suffer arthritis at a young age. But Tini didn’t let that stand in her way of going after her dream. She told us:

I knew my body would never be the same, but rather than throwing in the towel, I decided to utilize the downtime to study. I enrolled in the NASM course and by April of 2015 I was a Certified Personal Trainer. Although I do have limitations to my mobility with certain exercises, I have come so far from where I was after being hit by that drunk driver and now have an incredible appreciation for what the human body is capable of.

Move Because You Can!

The memory of that accident and the months of immobility are enough to motivate Tini to get to the gym and appreciate exercise and movement. She says:

When I struggle with motivation to go to the gym (as we ALL do from time to time), I remind myself to go work out BECAUSE I CAN… I will never forget how it felt to lose that ability.

Sport Duffel

Diet and Nutrition

To help her stay on track with her healthy diet, Tini tracks her macros daily and adjust her intake depending on her activity levels. She told us:

My diet is ever-changing, but my primary focus is always on nutrients rather than calories. It’s tedious to track it, but I see the most personal success with macro tracking. Because I measure/weigh my foods, meal-prepping is absolutely ESSENTIAL for my success. There’s no way I could take the time to do so before each meal. This means that I live that #tupplife and prep dozens of little Fitmark containers with food every Sunday and pack a bag (or Box, to be literal) every morning, to make sure I eat to fit my macros.

Meal Prep and Cooler Bags

Tini couldn’t stay on track if it weren’t for her Fitmark bags. With her meal prep completed every Sunday and her food ready to go in Fitmark food containers, she just has to grab it and go. She told us:

With my multi-job juggling act, my role as a single mother, and daily journey towards my health and fitness goals, Fitmark has become a daily essential. My friends, family, clients and members of the gym probably see me with a FitMark bag on my hip, more often than not!

My favorite bag is the Transporter tote, because it fits everything I could possibly need in a day. But many days, you’ll catch me with the Box or Shield, because they fit all of my food container meals for the day!

Not only are the bags a great size for my needs, but the colors are great and my violet bags ALWAYS grab attention and draw in questions. It’s easy to brag about your bag or recommend it to others when you know that the company that you’re sporting/supporting is philanthropic! I absolutely LOVE that Fitmark gives back and couldn’t be more proud to be an ambassador!

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