From Injury To Greatness

Just because your dreams don’t turn out the way you planned, doesn’t mean you have to give up. There’s always another way to be sporty and athletic. Take Fitmark Ambassador Josh Smart, for example. When his full football scholarship resulted in a torn ACL and MCL in his senior year, he didn’t give up; he chose another path.

From Injury to Greatness

Fitmark Ambassador: Josh Smart
Lifestyle: Fitness Athlete, Fit Dad, High School Football Coach
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I really didn’t take fitness seriously until I got to college. I realized the more I conditioned and took weightlifting seriously, the more of an advantage I’d have on the field. I started as a true freshman at the college level and my competitive spirit grew from there. During my senior campaign, I unfortunately tore my ACL and MCL in the 4th game of the year. I was placed in a straight leg brace until I had surgery a month later.

From Football to Free Weights

With limited mobility and lots of time on his hands, Josh researched everything he could about eating properly and exercising his upper body. Despite getting a little thick around the middle from lack of activity, he eventually got his six pack back with consistent exercise and good nutrition. The research and the results were enough to push Josh to the next level and he entered his first competition. He told us:

It’s really not hard to have a fit lifestyle. You just have to change your approach and mindset. The easiest way is to start in the kitchen. Instead of eating fast food all the time, dedicate just one or two nights a week to meal prep for the whole week. You’ll see changes and from there, make a commitment to start going to the gym. It doesn’t have to be obnoxious, just hit the gym for 30-45 minutes immediately before or after work. You’ll see changes and it’ll be more incorporated into your life.

Fit Dad Raising a Fit Kid

Josh loves being a fit dad and shares this kind of attitude with his son. He says, “He’s highly active and full of energy already!” Growing up with a fit dad has awakened the fitness bug in him and Josh says, “He’s truly my mini me.”

I feel like when my son goes to the gym with me or goes to my softball games, that comes into play with him wanting to follow in my footsteps. My son will do abs and stretch with me. He also loves doing pull-ups as well and we work on his counting skills while doing these activities, so it’s a win-win! At the house, he’s always wanting to wrestle, box, hit baseballs off the T, or pass the football.

Balancing everything takes discipline and timing, but Josh finds time to fit it all into one day. He told us:

I work 60+ hours at the airport and coach high school football and it just shows that if you make time, even 30-45 min a day, you’re able to be a fit dad and not have the typical “dad bod.” Too many in today’s society think that to be fit, you have to be young or single with no kids. I like to prove otherwise and it’s a good feeling when I get messages or compliments or questions about fitness.

Envoy Backpack

I absolutely love my Fitmark Bags! Hands down these bags help me achieve my goals! I have an Envoy Backpack that I use for my prepped meals while I’m at work. I also have the Envoy Duffel Bag that I use when I travel. Since I work for American Airlines, my son and I fly free. My son has the traveling bug like I do, so we are constantly going somewhere almost once a week! I’m either in bulk season or competition mode, so I need to have my meals with me and these bags make it so convenient to have around. Also they’re good looking bags!

Fit Dads and Fitness Bags

One of the ways Josh stays on track is with his Fitmark Bags. He told us:

Josh didn’t let injury stop him from enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle. Now as a fit father and a football coach, he’s having an positive influence on others. He found another path and is making it work.

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