Like Father, Like Son: Fit and Strong

When you grow up with a fit father, your childhood is going to be full of sports, and games, and working out. In other words, fun! For Fitmark Ambassador Hayden Schreier every minute of it was fun and it had an enormous impact on him now as a young adult entering college as an exercise science major.

My family is all about fitness my dad is a physical ed teacher.

Like Father Like Son, Fit and Strong

Fitmark Ambassador: Hayden Schreier
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Fitmark Meal Bags: the Shield, the Envoy Backpack

For the past two years, Hayden’s focus has been on weight training and like anyone who’s tried it, he was instantly hooked. He told us:

Fitness is my life; I really can’t see myself doing anything but that. I love training people, coaching them, etc. and I currently help out many people on campus too!

Keeping fit and eating healthy was Hayden’s everyday life when he a was a kid. Growing up with a fit father and family helped shape the path he’s on right now. He told us:

My dad played a big role on how I grew up into fitness, always telling me to be my best and teaching me how to work out. He would tell me about his personal records in his early twenties, and I made it a goal of mine to beat them when I turned 22, like he was then. My parents play a big role in my diet and the correct way to eat – organic, real foods that are grown from the ground, not processed in a factory.

Working out and lifting weights is one of those things that once you try it, you’re hooked. It’s always about the way fitness makes you feel, rather than how it makes you look. Hayden agrees:

I believe there is more to lifting than just looking big. I truly believe once you work out for yourself, you’ll attain so much confidence, have a whole new outlook on life, and appreciate your body. It’s a great way to make friends with so many great people on the journey to health and longevity.

Fitmark Meal Prep Bag

Living fit is all about eating well, and Hayden makes a point of scheduling Sundays as the one day he preps all his food for the week. He says that it’s the only way to stick to your nutrition program.

I dedicate my Sundays to prepping meals for the rest of the week and post-gym snacks. I recommend for beginners to try buying pre-cooked chicken or beef. It cuts down on a lot of prep time.

Before heading off to college or the gym, Hayden makes sure he has his Fitmark Bag packed with his gear and meals all ready to go for the day ahead. He told us:

I love Fitmark Bags! I have the smaller meal prep bag that I actually use as my gym bag and bring every single day to the gym! It holds my camera. as well as my gym equipment and chalk!

The true sign of someone under the influence of fitness. Thank goodness for fit fathers and fit families showing the way and leading healthy lifestyles for our kids. It takes one to know one, and no one is better than a parent to show their kids the way.

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Hayden Schreier on Instagram @hschreier19

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