Getting Into The Groove Of Fitness

Few fitness enthusiasts would dream of working out without their tunes. Music is the very backbone of any good workout and a great motivator. As soon as you plug into your favorite workout tunes, it’s like Pavlov’s dogs drooling for a treat, you gotta hit the gym and get your groove on.

Fitmark Ambassador David Christopher has two arenas where he gets to groove to the beat and work his stuff. As a punk rock musician and fitness athlete with a background in MMA, he’s got his finger on the pulse:

Aside from music, I consider working out to be like my therapy – Haha!

Getting Into The Groove Of Fitness

Fitmark Ambassador: David Christopher
Lifestyle: Musician, Fitness Athlete, Personal Trainer
Fitmark Meal Bags: the ShieldVictory Backpack

David has toured the US and shared the stage with the likes of Escape The Fate, Story of the year, Unwritten Law, Authority Zero and Kotton Mouth Kings. Just like his punk influence, David applies the same principles to his training:

I want to bring a new approach to the fitness world by combining a whole lot of edge to go with a whole lot of strength.

David has always loved playing sports and at the age of 14, he found himself taking to the gym and discovered a whole new world of athletics:

I ended up enjoying the gym for more reasons than just training for a sport. The gym was an escape for me. It became like a second home and it also helped me release and keep my focus.

Finding his groove in the gym released another outlet for David to explore and branch out. Now as a personal trainer, he brings his stage energy to his training and shares it with his clients.

Top 3 Fit Tips

  1. Learn to understand your body. Obviously, everyone’s body is different so, find a diet method that best suits your lifestyle.
  2. Consistency. Be consistent with exercise every week. Be consistent with your diet and continue to challenge yourself. Always push yourself to be better, so you don’t stagnate or plateau.
  3. Rest. Proper rest is crucial in losing weight and building muscle.

For a fast burner, David has learned to compensate his own fast metabolism with a high calorie, nutrient-dense diet. Focusing on a clean eating, he says he has to eat a lot in a day to build muscle and stay strong:

I eat every 2 – 2 ½ hours, high protein between 180-200g a day, higher calories with a carb intake around 120/130g and around 50g/60g of fat. I start my meal prep every Sunday and usually prep for the whole week. Typically, you can find a lot of chicken, turkey, fish, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, fruits, brown rice, nuts, yogurt, oatmeal and occasional red meat.

the Victory Backpack meal Prep

Meal Prep and Fitness Goals

Meal prepping is part of David’s fitness regimen and helps him stay on track with his fitness goals. Planning your meals and getting balanced portions and healthy nutrients at every meal takes practice, but it is vital in reaching your goals. David told us:

It’s important to understand what you’re eating and why. So learning about macronutrients will help explain why the body needs protein, carbs, calories and certain fats. It is also important to know when the best time is to eat certain foods. You want to make sure your meal prep contains a well-balanced diet throughout the day, consisting of the right amount of nutrients. I’d recommend getting a body fat assessment done, then build your diet/meal prep from there.

David’s partner in crime in making sure his meal prep is on point is his trusty Fitmark Bag. Packing his gym bag and meal bag every day ensures he stays on track and true to his goals:

I love my Fitmark Bags! They have played a very important role in helping me stay on track with my meal prepping. I have a very active lifestyle, so Fitmark has made it convenient and easy for me to manage my food on the go. I would definitely recommend Fitmark to anyone with an active lifestyle or someone just looking for a reliable and versatile bag.

Next time you’re in the mood for some motivation, plug into your tunes and pump up the jam! No workout would be the same without music. Like David says, it’s pure therapy!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador David Christopher on Instagram @davidpunkrockchristopher

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