Fitness Every Day For Life

Before you embark upon your fitness journey, make sure you’re signing up for something you can commit to every day. Getting in shape and eating healthy should last longer than a six-week program. Fad diets are not the answer. Like Fitmark Ambassador Haley Erin says, “You need to eat to lose weight!”

Sometimes people go to extremes to lose weight, only to gain it all back again. Others develop unhealthy eating habits. It will be a journey and it should be as fun, healthy and enjoyable as possible.

Fitness Every Day For Life

Fitmark Ambassador: Haley Erin
Lifestyle: Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Athlete
Fitmark Meal Bag: the Shield LG

Fitness was a way out of a bad lifestyle for Haley. After battling an eating disorder for a couple of years, fitness taught her that starving yourself is not the answer to being thin. Her friends introduced her to their aerobics company and she started teaching:

I would recommend a healthy, fit lifestyle to everyone. It’s important to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Healthy Eating Habits and Counting Macros

It was when Haley got into weightlifting and competing that she learned more about nutrition. Planning out her meals for the week, counting macronutrients, and prepping her food ahead of time helped her to manage her eating disorder. Tracking your food and having that much control over what you eat speaks to people with eating disorders and is recommended as a good strategy for recovery.

Health took on a whole new meaning for Haley and she learned how to move past her anorexia and body issues:

Health doesn’t just include how you look; it includes your heart, brain, lungs, everything. It encompasses your entire body and also affects mood and thoughts.

Through her own fitness journey, Haley has learned patience with herself and more importantly, her clients and Instagram followers:

I believe there is a level of commitment for each person and that’s okay. Just a step in the right direction and being aware is great.

Top 3 Fit Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

  1. If you want to be successful, you have to want it and believe in yourself and the goals you set for yourself.
  2. If you are new to fitness or don’t know where to start, go out and find a reputable trainer. Get just four sessions to start, so they can show you proper form and how to use all the machines in the gym. That way you won’t be intimidated.
  3. Enjoy the process and try not to get so focused on the outcome. Do the best you can and work with your body, not against it.


Meal Prep and Eating Healthy

When you’re setting out your fitness goals, make sure you invest in a meal prep bag that you can use for the gym as well as work. For Haley, it’s the Fitmark Shield LG:

Fitmark Bags are the best! They are sturdy, reliable and can fit so much food! I never want my food to spoil or explode on me in my purse. Fitmark Bags save me from both experiences and keep my food just the way I packed it.

What’s Your Number One Meal Prep Tip?

I always hear how people don’t have time to prep their food. But if you prep your food like I do, it only takes about an hour. I cook one to two times. I cook 2-3lbs of meat and just freeze it till I need it. Cooking in mass cuts down your cooking time and how often you need to prep.

Getting healthy is a commitment, no doubt, which is why you need to adopt a realistic approach to fitness and nutrition. Haley tells us that everyone has their own level of commitment and that’s okay, as long as you change your bad habits for healthy ones.

For more tips, you can follow Fitmark Ambassador Haley Erin on Instagram @haley_erin_fit

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