Plan, Prep, Persevere

If you were to ask any trainer the secret to staying on track, three words that would come to mind: Plan, Prep, and Persevere. This is the advice Fitmark Ambassador Meagen Harriman gives to her followers on Instagram. She calls it the million-dollar question and it’s one she gets asked all the time. Plan Prep Persevere Fitmark Ambassador: Meagen Harriman
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Most people set out on their fitness journey with good intentions, but without the right tools, staying on track and resisting temptation is a daily challenge. What you need is a Plan, Prep, Persevere strategy to help you stick to your program. According to Meagen, it’s the answer to the million-dollar question:

How Do You Stay On Track?

PLAN: Plan out your food choices and workouts ahead of time! Meagen says no matter where you are, when you plan out your meals, it’s easier to stay on track. For example, if you’re at work and coworkers want you to join them for lunch. No problem! Arrange to meet them some place where you can all enjoy your meals. If they opt for take-out, you can meet them on the picnic bench in the park and still stay on track.

Meagen says:

If you’re feeling torn between pleasing them and staying on track. STAY ON TRACK! Your priority should be your goals and your plan. If they support you, they’ll understand.

2. PREP: On Sundays, I prep all of my meats, and carbs! I usually like fresh vegetables, but sometimes I prep those too if I know I’ll be extra busy. This helps you stay on track because the excuse of time or laziness can’t get in the way. Prepping also keeps you on track with your plan.

When you’ve spent good money on all your food and valuable time in preparing it, you’re not going to let all your hard work go to waste. You’re more likely to stay on track and stick to your health and nutrition goals. So get prepping!

PERSEVERE: If you slip up, don’t give up! Try again! Yes, I’ve fallen off the horse many times, but guess what? I got back on. If you messed up and had a cookie. Oh, well! It’s not an excuse to stay off track! Get back on track! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

shield meal prep bag grey yellow As a nutritionist and online health coach, Meagen keeps her diet healthy and on point with her fitness goals. She told us:

My diet is focused on wholesome ingredients rather than quick fixes and chemical-filled products that claim to make you thinner!

Staying healthy is all about keeping it fun, according to Meagen. She likes to go for walks as often as she can and finds creative ways in the gym to keep her workout interesting. For Meagen, motivation comes from inspiring others to be their best. She told us:

Multiple times I was so touched by an individual’s’ story, it brought me to tears. It makes me feel like pushing on and continuing to do what I love to do.

Meagen remembers the first time she lifted weights. She says, “My arms felt HUGE after about two exercises. I didn’t know a thing about lifting and I was scared. But I knew I didn’t want the body I had, so I stuck with it! Fast forward about five years and here we are!”

That’s perseverance! Which is exactly what you need to stay on track and stick to your plan. Perseverance comes when you put your plan into action every day. Meagen relies on her Fitmark Bags to keep her organized and on track every day. She says:

I love my Fitmark Bags! They help me keep my food organized and they’re so travel friendly!

You can follow Fitmark Ambassador Meagen Harriman on Instagram @livemegafit

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