How To Stay On Track At Work

Life at work is hectic. When you’re focused on the job, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget to eat and drink frequently, never mind healthily. It’s too tempting just to grab a muffin and a coffee and keep pushing through your day. So we’re going to set you up with some life hacks on how to stay on track with your diet and fitness goals at work.

How To Stay On Track At Work

Set Calendar Reminders

Okay, so, if you want to get really serious about getting fit, you’re going to have to become a little bit of a precisionist. Scheduling is going to become your best friend to help keep you on track. So get familiar with your desktop calendar or use your phone to set up reminders for mealtimes, workout times, and don’t forget, water breaks.

Prep and Pack Your Meals

Just like your mom did when you were a kid, pack your lunches and snacks for the day in your meal prep cooler bag. Make sure you do this every day, no excuses. Unless it’s your cheat day and you’ve agreed to join colleagues for lunch, never leave for work without your meals packed and ready to go.

Kit Out Your Desk with Healthy Snacks and Condiments

Just like some people like to keep candy in their desk drawer, so too can you stock your station with healthy snacks, you know, for emergencies. Bags of healthy chips like i won! organics’ high protein snacks, as well as nibbles like almonds, fruit, protein bars, and granola. Add your favorite condiments to the list and you’re all set in case of an emergency. Your only challenge now is to resist sneaking an extra snack when the urge hits you.

Avoid the Muffin Mob

Delightful as they are, those generous foodies in the office who love to bring in their latest baked creations and share them with everybody at work, they’re not going to help your waistline. So steer clear of the desserts and the filing cabinets topped with treats. Plan an alternate route around the office so you can literally avoid temptation. If the peer pressure is too much, try contributing some of your own healthy snacks. Who knows! You might start a new trend!

Outfit Your Car with Healthy Snacks and Water

There’s going to be some mornings when you’re in such a rush and late for work that you’ll forget your meal prep cooler bag. Halfway to work, as you’re sitting in traffic, you’ll suddenly remember, you forgot it at home. The thought of all those handy packed meals just sitting there at home is enough to make you sad.

But with the same tactic you used to kit out your desk with snacks, you can do the same with your car. Choose non-perishable snacks and make sure you always have some water bottles stashed away too. The good thing about healthy snacks is that they can keep you nourished throughout the day.

With these five helpful tips, you’ll have no problem staying on track at work. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or working late, keeping yourself healthy is easier when you have healthy food and snacks within reach.

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