Expert Advice For Staying Healthy

Anything you’ve ever wanted to achieve in life started out as an idea and grew into something bigger, once you put it down on paper. Those people who make those ideas a reality and go after their dreams, all started with a plan. You gotta write this stuff down if you want to succeed.

Just ask Fitmark Ambassador Amanda Gable, who attributes her success to journaling. She told us:

My motivation comes from my journaling. I remind myself daily of my goals, and most importantly, why I have these goals. You have to recognize your intentions, and WHY your goals are your goals in the first place. If you don’t know why you are chasing a specific goal, then maybe it’s the wrong one.

Expert Advice For Staying Healthy

Fitmark Ambassador: Amanda Gable
Lifestyle: Online Personal Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Sponsored Athlete
Fitmark Meal Bag: the Shield LG

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, writing it down is the best strategy to stay true to your goals. Having a plan, defining your goals, breaking it down into actionable exercises (or healthy habits), and tracking your progress, all amount to a successful outcome. Without a plan, you’re just winging it.

Amanda told us:

I learned to replace one bad habit with one good habit, and then another and another. I wrote down my goals, long term AND short term. I chose to make little decisions day in and day out. At the time, I saw no immediate results at all, but over time they added up. That is still to this day how I start every morning – with a cup of coffee and my to-do list.

Despite her exercise-induced asthma and a hip joint condition called Legg Perthes, Amanda is a regular fitness competitor, sponsored athlete, and the owner of an online personal training business. Her number one tip for sticking to a healthy lifestyle is journaling. But when it comes to meal prep, she says:

Top Meal Prep Tips

  • Get a Fitmark Bag! It makes life so much easier.
  • Cook more, less often! Choose 1-2 days a week to meal prep. Cooking in bulk will also make your life much easier.
  • Invest in a crock pot. It’s a life saver!

Choosing healthier habits over your unhealthy ones takes time. Amanda told us there are a few simple changes you can make right away:

Take Your Meals With You

Healthy Habits To Adopt

  • Greens = Good
  • Eat more fiber
  • Eat healthy, whole foods
  • Give yourself variety without too much restriction and calorie placement
  • Time your meals – for example, I like carbs around my workouts, fats later in the evening, as well as early in the morning to make me feel full and happy. Because fats digest slower, they will make you feel fuller longer.

Healthy Weight Loss Advice

Losing weight is one goal many of us aspire to and Amanda has some useful advice to help you out:

  • Choose a sustainable approach to losing weight, NOT a crash diet. There are so many ways and approaches to losing weight, so find one that works for you.
  • Practice consistency and patience. Try not to get frustrated when you don’t see results right away. Be patient and give your body time to adjust and respond to the diet before you change it or give up.

One healthy habit that Amanda swears by is drinking apple cider vinegar. She loves it so much, she’s made a video on how to make apple cider vinegar lemonade.

She told us:

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar every single morning! I love it and promise it is like the cure-all. I actually love making ACV healthy lemonade and I drink it every day. It gives me so much energy and really helps with appetite.

For more expert advice on staying healthy, follow Fitmark Ambassador Amanda Gable on Instagram @gable_fit

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